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Adhesives For Construction And Finishing Works

Just ten years ago no one thought much what amounted glue you use when working with ceramic tiles. There was another mega-task – to get this tile. Than to e? glue – just a dry mixture of pva or various combinations with one another – it was not so important. Now the situation has changed. The choice of finishing material is so great that, at times, baffling even experienced the professional builder.

Submission of the same adhesive formulations have changed little since it was always considered a secondary task (why? – see above). But the thought associated with the improvement of adhesive compositions is not standing still, and around the world began to appear products specifications which have been able to satisfy the most demanding requirements when performing work of any complexity. In our country this process is, unfortunately, was delayed, largely due to lack of demand on the quality execution of works. Everyman was convinced that the main thing – it is a material that will be paved floors, walls, ceiling, and that will be in the layer between the base and facing – does not matter. Builders, respectively, also did not burn desire to buy stuff that was worth more common dry mixture. Therefore, the demand for high-quality adhesive fully satisfied with expensive products of Western companies to buy who could afford few of our countrymen. Most were forced to fairly-sponded to cheap low-quality product, which negatively manifested itself in a few months after completion. Over time, the situation changed.

Rolled Metal And Its Application

In the modern world very widely used metal products in all spheres of life: engineering and construction, interior design and furniture of various steel structures and frameworks in the chemical and food industries. Rolled metal products are divided into: * Rolled. It is: o circle; o square; o Allen; o fittings; o band; o rod. Scope of long products is huge. It is used in construction and in all industries. Fittings used for building structures made of concrete (reinforced concrete). Circle and square is used as a billet for shapes and sections.

And also for the manufacture of parts for machines – different shafts, rods, bushings, axle and much more. As the circle is used as a billet for subsequent production of pipes. Hexagon used for the manufacture of various fasteners (bolts, nuts, etc.), machine parts and mechanisms. There is also a special kind of drilling hollow hexagons, which is used in the petroleum industry. The band used to produce steel, cutting tools and bent structures (channels, angles). Wire rod is used to followed by wire drawing, manufacture valves for concrete or springs. * Tube rental.

This includes all the variety of pipes (seamless and welded, round, shaped and variable size cross section of steel and cast iron, pvc and non-ferrous metals). Scope Tube rental is also very wide. That pipeline, oil and gas pipelines that serve to transport gases and liquids. This variety of applications in construction. Pipe, with a slight loss in strength, is much easier and cheaper similar-sized solid bars. Just pipes are used for installation of various steel structures. * Plates. o Hot. To obtain hot-rolled sheet at a rolling mill roll out a red-hot steel ingot. Basically this type of sheet used in construction. o cold. Applied in the construction and engineering. For example, the car body is made of cold rolled steel. o profiled. Used in construction as a material for the construction of fences, walls, roofs. * Structural shapes: o beam; o channel; o corner. Beam used in mainly in the construction of various structures. As an overlap in the construction of buildings, supporting structures, bridges, hanging rails and other channels – this is a product of the metal profile in the section which is U-shaped. They are produced primarily by hot rolling mills for long. Depending on the form and method of treatment they are divided into: * Hot-rolled Steel channels, Steel channels * special * channel bars bent steel equal-* channel bars bent steel unequal. Used mainly in construction and installation of metallic structures, slabs between floors. Area, again, is involved mainly in construction. For example, is used to produce various welded frames and skeletons. The modern world is difficult to imagine without the metal in all its various forms and images. Production technology of rolled improving day by day, which leads to increased product quality – durability and strength. Metal acquires special properties – resistance to pressure, aggressive media and temperatures, etc. The Russian metal products can satisfy any, even the most demanding quality requirements.

Annular Steam

The operating principle of psa is based on the known physical phenomena of hydrodynamics two-phase flows, whose essence lies in the occurrence of shock in two-phase flow to disperse the latter to supersonic speeds and then braking the sound barrier. psa comprises a body with a pipe supplying water to the inlet flange of steam. The housing is coaxially installed pipe. Along the axis of the device is installed central body and the steam wand. At the entrance of the device installed base of the central body. The output of the device installed base of the central body. Mixing cone of the mixing chamber and outlet diffuser are implemented by annular gap between the outer surface of the central body and the inner surface of the pipe. The device operates as follows: active medium (steam) through a pipeline attached to the flange enters the nozzle, in where in the expansion process reaches the speed of flow close to the speed of sound, or exceeding it.

Passive medium (water) is supplied to the flange, and further, passing through the annular gap between the edge of the nozzle and the pipe is fed into the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber is complete ring spray jets of water high speed flow of steam. A thin mist with a particle size of about 1 micron. Area of contact between steam and water flows increases substantially. For example, in one liter of the mixture can get a contact surface of phases up to 2000 m2.