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Hurricane Irene

One of the victims is a man, to which a large tree branch fell on top. The other two have died because of a traffic accident and a heart attack. The hurricane has left without electricity to over 200,000 people in this State. Hurricane Irene is has already received its first three fatalities in Carolina of the North (USA), where this Saturday landfall shortly before 08.00 hours local (1200 GMT), local authorities said. As indicated by the NBC television network, a person has died in a traffic accident in the County of Pitt and another died of a heart attack when he nailed boards to protect your home from the storm.

Previously, the authorities confirmed the death of a man in in Nash County, to whom a large tree branch fell when he walked out of his house. Professor Rita McGrath will not settle for partial explanations. According to the chain, although the emergency services were alerted immediately, the man, whose identity has yet to know, already had died. Credit: Robert J. Shiller-2011. In the time of the accident, winds in the area reached gusts of more than 100 kilometers per hour. It is the first fatal victim that leaves Irene, a category 1 hurricane, passing through the East coast of the USA. In earlier days it had already caused six deaths in the Caribbean. 200,000 people without electricity nearly 200,000 people have been left without electricity this Saturday on the coast of North Carolina as a result of heavy rains and strong winds caused by Irene. Progress Energy, Lauren Bradford, company spokeswoman told local media that the coastal towns of Willmington, Wrightsville Beach, in the Centre and South of the North Carolina, were the most affected by these power cuts since they have been the first who have had to confront the ctos of the hurricane. In other cities of the State, as Atlantic Beach, flooding on roads that run parallel to the coast have been already reported and a Wharf has been razed to the ground by the force of the waters. Irene made landfall this morning at 7.30 local time (1130 GMT) near Cape Lookout in North Carolina (Eastern United States), with maximum sustained winds of 140 kilometers per hour, reported the National Center of hurricanes (CNH).

Economic Outlook

Global growth this year will reach 3.3 per cent and 3.6 in 2012. From the OECD maintains the pace of growth for Spain. The OECD, that Yes, little optimistic about employment. Such as the OECD, the UN has also given its point of view on the economic evolution of Spain. Thus, for United Nations, settings you need the economy of Spain are easier to apply in the case of countries like Greece or Portugal, but as high levels of unemployment and austerity measures can complicate recovery.

The austerity measures and as high levels of unemployment, especially among young people, will bring many problems for the Spanish economy recover, said the director of the Division of analysis and development policy of the Department of economic and Social Affairs of United Nations (DESA), Rob Vos. It maintained its forecast for its part, the OECD maintained its forecast of economic growth for Spain during 2011 and ensures that it will be at a 0.9%. However, as for unemployment, the organization is much less optimistic and predicts it will rise to 20.3% of average. Thus reflect it data in its biannual Economic Outlook report. Regarding 2012, limited expectations of growth to 1.6 per cent, two tenths less than what was calculated in November and, although the average level of unemployment begins to slump next year, will do so in a very moderate way and will stay on average 19.3%, and not in 17.4% that had been estimated in its previous report.

To the OECD, activity in the real estate sector will continue depressed by the number of dwellings that are unsold, while the correction in this sector is well advanced (prices accumulate a fall of around 20%). In this context, the economic recovery will occur gradually. The world economy will grow 3.3% the world economy will grow 3.3% in 2011 and up to 3.6% in 2012, according to revised upwards and data released by the UN, which adds that the developing countries will lead these increases. Economic recovery will continue to be led by large economies of Asia and Latin America, particularly in China and Brazil, although they are also moderating by the pressures of rising prices or inflation, indicated the Department of analysis of economic issues and social of the UN. Source of the news: the United Nations warns that unemployment and austerity measures can complicate recovery