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Need not stuck in outdated education systems, referring to the rural school, that still remains in the practices of many institutions, it must respond to students considering the characteristics of current technology, without neglecting the role of the teacher with irreplaceable character, must recognize that a pedagogical model for urban or rural society there isHe is sold to the child a social model through the media and does not offer students the possibility of facing this complex society. The certainty of that innovation, is the answer to the demands of current education and this is only possible with the update must exist in the masters. The education given by the teacher must be an education for life, taking into account its context, it can not claim to be have an educational model first worldist when we are not consolidated as an industrialized country, i.e. we are very outdated with other countries in social, educational and economic fields. It must of make decisions and implement solutions, establish stimuli where it is really necessary, for example that teachers centres operate better, and the reform of the teaching career is aimed at a continuous education process and focus on the real needs of the students. Not you can innovate if there is an investigation in our own environment about Mexican children, support and respond to the work of the Mexican investigator who knows the true situation that envelops the social context of rural communities, promote a deep social knowledge before you implement practical remedial or preventive. Teachers must adjust our teaching practices and leave behind all this cultural burden that really weighs us and that will allow us to take that step to leave the traditional teaching and embrace a constructivist teaching that we provide to our children of tools that facilitate the understanding of their environment, their life and their education. Finally offered two fundamental tasks to make the changes that we have been talking about: the remedial, that he would be in training and constant and systemized Reformation for teachers in service. The preventive, which refers to the adjustments of relevant plans and programmes forming schools for teachers. There are other problems of a political nature in which management or allocation of funds can play an important role, seek consultation among teachers, the needs of quality providing with necessary teachers, reaching these agreements also in consultation with experts in the field of education and really consolidating a quality education system that allows changes, and which truly consolidate.