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In the new year, it is time to take stock of the year 2013 and that is Fritz Deppe sheet metal processing from Hanover more than satisfactory for that alone compared to the current projects we could win more new customers than 2012,”as Thomas Ratschkowski, responsible for distribution in the Hanoverian industrial companies. So, specifically more design services and more complex project request is implemented by the specialists from Hannover. Us projects are made often, which still have no maturity and are in the prototype stage. “We support our customers in the further planning in the case and make the first zero – and small series on”, as Thomas Ratschkowski. Of course comprehensive series are manufactured in steel construction complex machine housing including baseplate and frames. Additional services such as the paint be made through subcontractors.

After finishing is then mounted back in the factory in Hanover. Thomas Ratschkowski concretized this: our customers are inter alia from medical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Here we developed our profound know-how and can use to schedule and within the agreed budget almost every request.” Establishing a new technology Division is planned for 2014, currently running but still the more accurate planning. “To do this, Thomas Ratschkowski: the year is really exciting for us, and we already look forward to the coming new tasks and projects.” The lower Saxon company Fritz Deppe sheet metal processing (www.fritz-deppe.de) has many year contracting specialist in the fields of metal processing and metal processing. This welding assemblies, assemblies, metal housing and housing materials, stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel are made on behalf of customer. Peter Muller