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Lorch Synagogue

That for the Dresden cityscape rather extravagant-looking and highly divergent from the baroque building that was built after the designs of the architects Hirsch, Hoefer, Lorch and change from Saarbrucken. It linked the architects as to the location of the in 1833 by Gottfried Semper synagogue, built at the end of the Bruhl's Terrace. Professor Rita McGrath has many thoughts on the issue. After the destruction of the ancient synagogue in 1939, was the newly built synagogue in Dresden after the current reconstruction at last after 62 years on Friday, 9 Inaugurated in November 2001. Dresden had on that occasion, many guests, the Hotel Dresden was fully booked the whole weekend with guests who were looking forward to the consecration. The often perceived as offensive by the locals cubic form, based on Israel's first temples, and thus builds on traditional symbols.

In this example, was waived window to influence the effect of the wall surfaces is not negative. This is one part of the worship and rest assured in the interior and on the other hand the risk of clinking glass banned. The structure consists of a synagogue in the rotated cube, which is facing the eastern direction. He received in 2002 the award "Best European architecture." Because of the small community of members of the Dresden, the church next to the religious also has a great tourist importance. It forms the basis of its external form a contrast to the otherwise dominant the Dresden cityscape baroque architecture. Also, this building attracts numerous visitors to the capital of Saxony. As a point of contact for these offers to the guest house on the northern outskirts of Dresden. From station Karl-Marx-Strasse you can reach the city center to the breakpoint synagogue in twenty minutes with line 7 of public transport, without changing trains.

Holiday on Usedom Island

In the south of the Pomeranian Bay is the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, Germany’s second largest island, with 1906 hours of sunshine a year, in a region of Germany. Thanks to the synthesis of a sandy beach along almost the entire outer coast and a highly varied landscape of Usedom is without doubt one of the most beautiful islands of Germany. As the only German Baltic island of Usedom have an approximately 40 km long, stone-free, sandy beach that stretches from Karl Hagen to Ahlbeck. Steep and flat, secluded beaches and attractive beach promenades contribute to a very varied leisure activities. Very charming is the very long and very indented coast to the Haffgewassern Peenestrom, backwater and Szczecin Bay with steep and flat and small sandy beaches.

Moreover, numerous large and small lakes can be found that make the hinterland of the island very attractive and varied. The three piers on the beach promenade of the three Imperial Spas Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck are landing a regular shipping traffic between the larger resorts on the island, but also to the Polish Swinemunde.Landschaftlich charming is the peninsula Lieper angle between the backwater and Peenestrom with small harbors, cliffs and rolling landscapes.

In the middle of the island on a peninsula in the backwaters, the fishing village Loddin is featured with the cliffs Loddin Point, a fantastic viewpoint. Located in the center of the island, Loddin is the ideal starting point for many excursions. For this purpose, are comfortable Capricorn Apartments Loddin available. In the small, intimate Capricorn farmhouse will also swell and offer step-free, seniors apartments. In addition to an interesting and varied history of the first Slavic settlement on Swedish crews, wars and migration to the Modern, is primarily the younger, with the location Peenemunde related story, which draws many people in their spell.

Several churches, mostly embedded in historic village centers, monasteries Pudagla, Schloss Stolpe and the water Mellenthin tell of the rich history of Mittelalters.Zwischen Bansin and Ahlbeck spans an 8 km long, continuous beach promenade with magnificent villas in the style of Wilhelmine resort architecture – the longest its kind in continental Europe.