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Mercacoche.es launches web portal of classified ads for second hand cars. With a simple and effective platform on which there is no place for the loss of time or the seller or the buyer. The publication of announcements as the buyer-seller interaction is both very effective thanks to these characteristics. In just 1 minute any user can publish an advertisement without the need for a mandatory prior registration in most of pages of listings for secondhand. As well the efforts of purchase sale of any type of car are agile and without complications. Another of the strong points of this portal is its adaptation to web 2.0. The immediate publication of ads in three of the most used and popular social networks and with more social impact on network (Facebook, Twitter and Flickr), and the ability to subscribe via RSS increase even more possibilities for the future of this new website. For even more analysis, hear from Professor Rita McGrath. In addition, Mercacoche.es belongs to a group of pages of listings for secondhand, among which are Mercagadgets.es, Mercalibros.es, Mercamoda.es and Mercaelectrodomesticos.es, all of them are grouped under the name of Grupomercas, and with an identical philosophy of buying used items for sale..