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Chinese Buildings

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Shanghai. It is hard to imagine how this modest fishing village of Yangzte River mouth has grown into the largest city in China and the eighth largest in the world. And it has also become the pride of China for many other reasons: to be a great and progressive city with a proud and glorious
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Colombian Caribbean

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The Caribbean summit Maicao rarely the University of La Guajira in Maicao headquarters had housed so many illustrious visitors in a single day. That February 19 the people had the opportunity to get close to characters whose faces were familiar to him only by what they had heard of them, or pictures from newspapers or
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Tallinn, The Medieval Jewel

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Until 1991, Tallinn was subject to Soviet rule, but since independence in the same year, the capital has quickly recovered the five decades of Communism and opened its arms to Western capitalist system. On the outskirts of the old, new neighborhoods are emerging with gleaming hotels and office buildings that celebrate the country's accession to
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