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Military Policy

One cacoete sazonal The territorial spaces of USP University of So Paulo had served recently of palco brutais scenes in optimum style of the urban violence after-modernista. Read more here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. There the director thought: that is a nonsense. It does not have cabimento. It does not combine with the image of our erudio. A malignant force she seems infiltrated in our way and, if I observe well, acts freely.

I do not see alternative, seno to ask for aid to the authorities. Result: the USP signed covenant with the Military Policy, that started to watch the campus more than close and more it happens frequently. It did not delay very, like protest against the presence of the policemen, the building of the Reitoria was busy. It is to believe that for some students the installed presence of the Policy in the domnios of the University it made to vibrate a note of similitude with the presence of the UPPs in the Carioca slum quarters. In the following day, the Director, in interview granted to the CBN, declared, mentioning the occupation to it of the Reitoria, that ' ' this not it is newness that it is not newness, because in last the twenty and five years this question of the occupations is things that almost happen that in the annual calendar. That this is not positive nor that if has become something aceitvel.' ' It has in the summary supplies three concrete factual elements logically sequenciados and one room element that, finally, if it erects with the exclusive end of to appreciate not all, but only one of the elements previous. The concrete factual elements are the violence registered in the campus, the accord with the Military Policy, and the occupation of the Reitoria. The appreciative element is the commentary that the Director expende by the way of the occupation.

Brazilian Government

But coming back to our Brazil, the Brazilian government is tremendously interventionist. It intervines of atabalhoada and disastrous form. It believes that to distribute food and money for the poor families it will go to decide the situation. For the opposite it will go to increase the line of the dependents of the governmental alms. solution? To imitate examples of cases of successes, with the one of the Coreia of the south or until an old example that president Roosevelt when of the implantation of the New Deal that consisted of: Job for the population; To protect the saving and the property of the citizens; To improve the life of the sick people, aged and unemployeds; To recoup the industry and agriculture. The Brazilian government if to leave to intervine in the destinations of the nation, will have to get resulted magnificent. What today it is managed by the Brazilian government? Health = True disaster; Social= providence In ruins and declared insolvent; Systems of transports: naval, railroad, fluvial, lacustrine and aerial road, all the infrastructure is compromised, without conditions of use, delayed and inefficacious what it directly compromises the costs of production of the field to the ports for exportation, of the field to the table of the Brazilian consumer.

Education: It is not commented, therefore he is chronic and agonizing the situation of Brazilian education is so chaotic that we place in them in the level of the African nations; Security: Prompt actions as the had ones in Rio De Janeiro, had demanded a military apparatus all (small been of exception or small farm) measure the meditica pyrotechnics, obtained to lessen the banditry. Banditry this that had its beginning of consolidation in the government of the Leonel Brizola, when its son Neuzinha Brizola frequented routinely and thus she stimulated the commerce of the drugs. ' ' At that time, Neuzinha started to frequent the pages police.