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EPHH Screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver turn away screw trehplechego lever choke … … And, while holding the lever, remove the mounting bracket of the spring. Remove the lever with thrust … … And its spring. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws holding the throttle body … …

And remove it. Remove the heat insulating lining. Using a screwdriver turn away from broad-bladed body jet fuel system idle … … And remove it. Take out the main jet of idling of the case. Remove the rubber O-ring case.

Blade screwdriver, turn away the screw-valve accelerator pump. Remove the accelerator pump sprayer to the valve and gaskets made of soft metal. Blade screwdriver, turn away the main air jet of the first chamber. Extract from the channel emulsion tube of the first chamber. If the emulsion tube itself does not drop out, then screw into it (not deep!) Screw and remove the tube. Similarly, extract the tube of the second camera. Blade screwdriver, turn away the main fuel jets … … Housing and the fuel jet in the transitional system. Take out the main jet from the case. Phillips screwdriver turn away four screws attaching the cover of the accelerator pump. Remove the lid, iris, and accelerator pump spring. Screwdriver handle gently pulling away from a small diffuser housing carb … … And remove them. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws holding the case to the pneumatic valve EPHH carburetor. Remove the pneumatic valve housing with bracket EPHH microswitch. Remove the bracket microswitch. Remove the gasket body pneumatic valve. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws pneumatic valve cover mounting … … And remove the cover. Using a screwdriver with a narrow blade of the screw turn away quality … … And remove it … Remove the rubber O-ring screw. Removing the throttle body parts 2107-1107010 carburetor similar operations shown in the carburetor 2140-1107010-70, before assembling wash jets, emulsion tubes and transient, the channels cover and the carburetor housing acetone and blows compressed air. Jets first and second chambers have different bandwidth and each must be installed in its place. Putting the carburetor in the reverse order. taken from the car book


Knocking when setting off on a used WHA 21 123 coupe have already been purchasing decisions. But as always was too lazy to pick up and disassemble a car that went bad in principle, moreover, that the sound (play) felt only when starting or sudden tightness during gear changes. But if after a gear change speed dial smoothly – everything was normal! Overflowed the cup, when I was in the garage (and I have it heated), dragged "nine". The poor car make havoc whole box, but its insides were visible outside – Housing (casing) box was broken down so that it fell off from a large piece of aluminum. After questioning the driver of the previous symptoms, I realized that I had a car it was all just like me. Poor box – it has survived for the assembly is only slightly more than half the parts. Differential gears, satellites and the finger on which they spin – everything had to be replaced. Repairs cost the owner very expensive! Realizing that I can also get into these situations and, throwing lazy, I began to disassemble the box its WHA 21 123 coupe, especially since these cars PPC device differs only slightly.

Having examined the box dvenashki, I, at first glance did not notice any visible defects – all the gears in the oil glistening, teeth were intact. But the sound of something still was! Deciding to go to the end, make out everything he could. And here's what I found the cause of knocking my boxes, and realized that the machine had the same problem. Finger differential, which revolve satellite, was a half-eaten, so that the satellites just dangling there. Material finger abrasion can say just vtersya the inner surface of the slip satellite. So apart from the finger, and had to buy a satellite. Complete with a finger, while they only cost about 400 rubles, while the box body (usually only one broken sump) – 2500 rubles. It was found that abrasion, finger breaks, pop up satellite and stuck between the crank and rotating the differential, which leads to a breakdown of the corps, with all its consequences. Now, raising the front wheel, I always check – does not increase if the free play wheel included in first gear backlash if more than 30 degrees, and continues to grow – it's time to disassemble the box!