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When a hotel exceeds expectations in Mendoza Hotels in Mendoza When exceeds expectations Hello. I would like to relate my experiences on my last trip to Mendoza. I own a small business, and my job takes me to visit Argentina. This time it was the turn of Mendoza. I had asked my secretary to find a hotel in Mendoza that it was comfortable, and that was near the mall, where I had to do some business. My recent experiences have not been very good. I find it hard to travel, not only economically, but emotionally, having to leave my home and my family. Please visit Nobel Laureate in Economics if you seek more information. So, I wanted to anchor in a place where I feel well cared for, and the last hotel that had been Mendoza had not spent anything right.

Fortunately, my assistant booked me a room in which, in my experience as a traveler, is the best hotel in Mendoza, no doubt: the Diplomatic Hotel. When I got off the plane, the people of this hotel in Mendoza was waiting for me. It was great not having to search transportation to the hotel, and had been responsible for everything. When I reached the place, I was speechless. As soon went through that impressive marbled staircase, I realized I was in a hotel in Mendoza different from the others.

The double-height lobby was beautiful, with this impressive lamp, and such furniture. The chech in was very fast, so that moment was in my room, preparing my things for me coming meeting. The room, one Diplomatic Suite-was beautiful. Comfortable, place to work, and a safe where to put the computer. Actually, I was so happy that I could hardly concentrate on the things work. A hotel in Mendoza had ever seen. The staff treated me like a charm. Soon after arriving I noticed an unfortunate accident: I had forgotten my cell at home. But it posed no problem: the hotel in Mendoza gave me a next-generation mobile 3G connectivity to use while I was there. Thus, none of my contacts struggled to find me. This hotel in Mendoza took care of everything. In the Business Center you can print out my presentation, and I could use my computer all over the place: wi fi is everywhere. I took my time to give me some tastes. I tried the most delicious wines from Mendoza at the Wine Tasting Room, and spent a most joyous time in the Spa and Health Club Movement. The massage you gave me took me ten years younger. Actually, I recommend this hotel in Mendoza. If I almost felt like giving up my secretary, for the excellent choice he had made. Without a doubt, made me feel at home, every moment, or rather, better than in my own house, pampered and treated like a lady Martin Santero