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If you can not unscrew the filter, call your neighbor – maybe his fingers stronger. In this case, be sure to tell him that you think his arm is very strong. This will add him to enthusiasm. If a neighbor does not help you able, look at his friends time to loosen oil filters. If this fails, the filter will remove with a hammer and chisel.

This is the first way. Beat should be along the edges of the filter (assuming that the filter has shape of a cylinder, then here and an edge filter, called the base of the cylinder). If the metal breaks, it is necessary to replace a chisel to some blunt instrument, and again try to hit stronut filter away. This "stupid" tool can serve a large flat file. Shank him (by him will hit the fall of the hammer) for greater rigidity strikes should whittle away at Emery. The second way – to sharpen a flathead screwdriver and the side punch filter.

Then, using the same screwdriver, using it as a lever to turn off a half-turn filter. If he unscrewed at least a half-turn, continue to have, most likely, it will be possible to turn off your hands. When the latter two methods unscrewing the filter it comes in complete disrepair, since it appeared a hole, but there is one more "barbaric" way in which the filter is integral, albeit badly crumpled. For this we need to have good "montazhki" with integral faces at the ends and at least a good persistence. End "montazhki" rests on the edge of the base oil filter (where it has a collar) or in its upper edge, then "montazhku" turn up until it rested in something. Thus, "montazhka" plays the role of a lever, the end of which scrape the edge filter. If this edge with a blunt chisel to make a dent, even a little dull "montazhka" catch hold of the filter housing. End "montazhki" naturally slips off, but after 5-15 minutes. such "soskryabyvaniya" filter is typically "rent". Experienced auto mechanic in this way can unscrew the filter for 2-3 minutes. Before screwing the new filter it is desirable to at least half fill with fresh oil, the oil impregnated filter element. Then, after starting the engine oil filter is rapidly filled, and the oil pipeline immediately rise pressure. It is also desirable lubricated sealing gum on the filter. In this case, tightening the filter arms, but in a different way to do this can not be easily achieved by tightness in planting the filter. Source All of oils and greases


Heavy special equipment, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, trucks. The annual number of built area is growing steadily. Cities grow up like mushrooms after rain. All this is undoubtedly due to overpopulation, with the growth of large commercial cities, and so on. Ratings for the sale of apartments and lending rose to heaven. There was a lot of new neighborhoods, streets and neighborhoods.

To build such a large number of houses should be an incredible amount of technology and materials. However, there are a number of problems with regards to technology: delivery, assembly, installation, procurement. Most advantageous to take the equipment to rent. True, we have to work only with those firms in which you are absolutely sure otherwise case, however, you risk to be little that cheated, but also pay more money. To similar situations you have not touched, we recommend that you draw up a lease, which would indicate the status of machinery on Currently, the term of the agreement and form of payment for services of this company.

Russia now has a lease can take absolutely any construction machinery, ranging from cranes, ending vans and similar appliances. Moreover, taking the one or the other technique in the lease, you do not need to think about how best to deliver it and install it. About these issues will take care of the company that issued you the technique in the lease. Man for centuries has sought to improve your home. Gone are the millennium, and people are still thinking how to decorate your own house. But before you decorate, first we must think about what to decorate. For the construction of a multistory building takes time, effort and money. People are not always able to cope with all problems that occur on his head during construction. Mobile crane – one of the best inventions of mankind, invented to aid in construction. Due to the fact that crane can be moved on wheels, the problem of installation and transportation to the destination has disappeared forever. This giant construction can lift any weight to where he would order it to make an experienced crane operator. Most advantageous to buy cranes domestic production, as in the case of failure, the details of it will find much easier than on the crane of a foreign manufacturer. The more that local details and cost will be significantly cheaper than imported ones. Backhoe – a powerful machine designed to dig to great depths. There is nothing better than an excavator to dig the ground. Quickly and reliably. Bulldozers – Construction giants. By the way, a large number of brands of bulldozers carried out on Russian territory. So the problem of procurement and delivery of pre-exhausted. With the help of trucks we can deliver to the place huge amount of construction materials needed for construction. Indispensable equipment for transport of equipment and construction materials. Using this technique greatly simplifies the work.