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In Russia, the assembly of motor vehicles Audi will soon be discontinued. As said Till Brauner – Head of the Audi Group in Russia, already in the current 2010 edition of the Audi brand cars in Kaluga will be completed, according to rbc Daily. The Related Companies has many thoughts on the issue. According to official declarations, termination of the assembly of Audi in Kaluga plant was planned long ago. 'Assembly Audi models in Russia in the current 2010 will be retained, as it was planned, achieved and signed agreements and plans. Visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for more clarity on the issue. Assembling the Audi models in Russian Federation was scheduled only for a while. This decision was intended to plant in Kaluga provide employment the personnel involved and a full load capacity. To date, the situation stabilized, and more, our assistance will not be in so much need '- said Browner. However, according to another opinion (of course, informal) – Most buyers of Audi, especially of such cars as the Audi Q7 and Audi A6, with disbelief looking at models of Russian origin. And these clients would very much like to have in their cars classic German assembly and not homegrown – Kaluga. From our standpoint, the unofficial version sounds convincing than the official.