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“FotoA for photographers, we have shown and that we would always like to see” a resume from 15 years history of the exhibition is the exhibition “FotoA-Z” in the NRW-Forum Dusseldorf. With photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe and others, Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, Bryan Adams call the two Exhibition Organizer Werner Lippert and Petra Wenzel nor even important stages of the NRW Forum in memory. In addition to exhibits internationally – shown already in place – renowned photo artists, the Department “Photographers, we would have liked already shown” can be found. Here works by artists like Thomas Ruff, Joel Sternfeld, Cindy Sherman or Anton Corbin presents, exclusive part for the first time deducted for this exhibition. Spacious hanging, effectively in contrasting color or discreetly in tone on-tone-picture frame shows join the pioneers of photography from the 1920s to crowd-pullers such as Robert Mapplethorpe as Paul Outerbridge. The star of musicians photography, Anton Corbijn, presented for “FotoA-Z” itself: in the series He scans disguised as John Lennon and Frank Zappa, itself “a.

somebody, strijen, holland”. Joe Sternfeld, however, modified for “FotoA-Z” not the role, but the tool: his photographs of Dubai are all taken with the iPhone. “FotoA-Z” shows milestones of recent photographic history, but also shows how the notion of art over the years has changed: exhibitions with photographs from the frowned upon fashion and advertising world were at the beginning of the NRW-forum for bemusement or displeasure with recipient and critics, such works are today completely naturally in the Museum. Today, the concept of art covers far apart drifting motifs such as star portraits on the one hand and civil war scenarios, on the other hand – this is likely, at least in the Museum area, the commitment of the two exhibition makers of Dusseldorf due be. The exhibition represents the very personal selection of Petra Wenzel and Werner Lippert who programmatically and organizationally ran the House and him to international renown helped.

This not only the conceptual approach, with the two makers went since the early of 1990s to works, far beyond the sensation NRW and beyond Germany’s. The completely atypical for public institutions, flat hierarchy of the unusually small management team also ensured that the NRW-forum could – work extremely cost-effective, and launched this outstanding and high quality photo exhibitions. The background for the preparers character of the exhibition “FotoA Z. photographers, we have shown and that we would always like to see” the fact that the NRW-Forum Dusseldorf will close its doors after 15 years of nonconformist and groundbreaking exhibition work on 5 January 2014, because the essential contribution of the State of NRW falls away. Thus fulfilled the desire to present their favorite photographers and photographers – the two makers with this wonderful, far comprehensive exhibition and illustrate the enormous role it with seemingly playful light hand, you Nowadays play photography, photo art and photography exhibitions in the context of society as a whole.