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Building Materials

Therefore, when selecting materials for the bathroom and exterior of buildings should take a more dense varieties of marble. Pattern pattern – a matter of taste of the future owner marble finishes. However, we must remember that the plates with soft flowing lines are more appropriate for recreational facilities, but the offices and halls shone special luxury, if the marble will have a large pattern or original color blotches. Color of the stone largely affect the well-being and mood, so try to choose the colors and shades that will not bore you. Warm yellow or pink tones help make the room more bright and cozy, the green will relax, the red will set up an active working mood, and light gray or white will make your home look like a real palace. The use of marble in the interior of marble used for decoration bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, halls. Floor slabs, wall panels, window sills and countertops made of this material allow to give the interior refinement and originality.

However, all this can only be achieved if the treatment natural stone professionals involved. Availability of quality materials, modern equipment and highly skilled professionals can realize any fantasy of the customer and provide excellent results. As care for natural marble marble Care is simple, if you know how to do it right. In the first place on a clean polished product should be applied to the protective waxy coating that prevents contamination of the stone. But it is not exempt from regular wet cleaning of marble.

Minimalism In Interior: Clean Style

Minimalism in Interior: Clean style of expression "style purity" is the best suited for the determination of minimalism. It is only in importance seriousness of each line, the severity of the form, the least accurate details. Minimalism in interior design can not tolerate cheap things. On the background of simple walls immediately noticeable any inaccuracy or poor quality. Not often the hosts of a new apartment decide not to change anything in the original architectural model decision. If the straight lines of white walls fully satisfy the new owners, they can not break the wall, concentrating on interior design. As a result, two-level apartment can become the embodiment of idea of minimalism in the interior.

So all the rooms of an apartment decorated in a unified color scheme. Predominant colors – Wang, white and metal. Vibrant color accents accessories only emphasize the overall severity and elegance of smooth white walls and smooth ceilings. Contribute to a sense of unity of interior and the same in all the rooms, simple aluminum rods with large knobs. In a heavy metallic fabric curtains cut large loops, through which are formed flat stringent heavy folds. According to the latest trends, length curtains should be much greater than the height of the window, and the excess tissue drains on the floor painting formless wave. Color of the fabric is picked up depending on the purpose room: in the living room and dining room curtains can be dark chocolate, in the office – a stylish, black, in the lobby of the second floor – gray, in the bedroom – dark brown, and guest room – dark blue.

Home Furnishings

If this solution does not fit, it is proposed by fixing material to establish a small distance from the wall a large mirror and use it as a cover behind which will accommodate hanger with clothes and shoes. If you are not too closely, instead of a single cabinet can accommodate several individual pieces of furniture: shoe cabinets, standing coat rack for coats, ottoman for pereobuvaniya. The layout of individual items of furniture in the hallway can be different: a straight line (linear) – in the form of a small wall, corner – with the obligatory presence of the angular element, free, or unfixed. If the size and financial capacity allows, you can buy a set of furniture, offered in furniture showrooms. Usually it consists of one or Bivalve the cabinet, hangers, shelves for hats, shoe cabinets, chest of drawers and mirror above.

Also in the hall should provide seat – a stool, ottoman or bench. Picking up furniture, we will not forget that it must comply with style solution hallway and vestibule itself – the whole house. The materials in the manufacture of furniture for the hallways are commonly used modern particleboard, MDF and other plates with coating of natural veneer and polymers, laminates and melamine. It is clear that this furniture is unlikely to look good in an apartment furnished with expensive furniture, cabinet, solid wood. Here will suit the more expensive models furniture for the hallways.

Anyone not satisfied with the presence of furniture in the hallway, can hang on the walls of the shelf for hats, hooks for bags and a mirror. Hallways are often equipped with various devices for Storage-specific 'street' of things: zontoderzhatelyami, "Karaman" for gloves, trays for small items, hooks, shelves, etc. Wall shelves for hats are fastened directly to the wall, practically does not take place and therefore easy to use. It is worth noting that many of these ceilings extend into the kitchen, kitchen design that gives a new breath. Bottom, they can be equipped with hooks for clothes, being both hangers. The market offers the set of products made from different materials (glass, wood, chrome, steel) and quite original in design decisions.

Arched Doors: Unique Home Style

Materials and decoration of arched doors variety of materials of construction for the arched doors, their types, the possibility of making arched interior doors made to measure – the undoubted advantages that open wide space for creativity in designing interior design apartment or house. A special luxury arched doorways, and hence the room in which they are installed, attach a variety of elements of decoration: carving, stained glass, tinted glass, much more. Decor arched doors, however, as well as the type and shape of the arch is determined solely by the preferences of the customer, should be mindful of the need to match decor elements the overall interior design of the room. So, in an apartment, decorated in Art Nouveau style, in harmony will look arches made of wood, decorated with painted bends, a home, decorated in the style of hi-tech, appropriate decorative elements will be the same style. Very interesting technique in which the arched door drape decorative fabrics: in addition to the aesthetic function of such tissue is also closing a doorway, providing a conventional isolation rooms. Receptions decorating arches these days there are so many, they are all together the ability to significantly increase the artistic value of doorways and rooms in tselom.Osnovnye variety of arched doors Arched doorways may be round or arched shape. Arches with a circular loop, in turn, are divided into the following types: classic: the most common type, characterized by the correct radius of the arc arch, elliptical: the type, wherein the arc design of the arch in the form of an ellipse, "modern": arc arch is made with enthusiasm, "romance": the central part of the arc – straight, the angles – rounded with a certain radius.

English Walls

Squat, deep, with full armrests and heaped with a pile of pillows, they make the living room or office in the island of tranquility and calm. If you are not indifferent to the elegant and at the same time cozy interior, shop closer to the English style. The essential role of play in the English interior walls. Heavy textured wallpaper, wood paneling, the use of moldings, cornices, painted walls – all this creates a truly British mood. A wide range of colors: from the calm (beige and ocher-gamma) to the most daring (green, red and terracotta). Also on the walls, you can use wallpaper and wall coverings with a heraldic figure, classic stripe, flowers or imitation brocade. English interior – is primarily the realm of natural wood, so if you decide to register your house in a classic English style, prepare to seriously spending.

It is desirable that wood there was everything: the carved panels on the walls, mosaic parquet on the floor, ceiling beams. And, of course, traditional furniture from solid mahogany, stained oak, walnut, beech or yew. As upholstery material most commonly used fabric – from the monochrome versions, stripes and scars to the tapestry. Actively used and the skin, which can be glossy or matte, antique, suede or other dressing. Perhaps the most recognizable and characteristic element of English architecture is the fireplace – lined with tiles or natural stone, always with dark wood mantel and a hanger for accessories (brass tongs, poker, etc.). Therefore, when planning to remake his apartment under the "good old England", first of all think about where you can post if not a real fireplace (which is quite difficult in multi-family homes), then at least electric. Choosing a style for the registration of a house or apartment, remember that the English style – is primarily active, colorful textiles and massive furniture. Therefore, it is not suitable for those people who prefer minimalism bright and airy interiors. If you are not one of them and aim to create a truly intimate and refined atmosphere of your home – Welcome to fans of the English style.