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Table Fireplaces – An Innovative Table Decorations

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The small flame which make for a very special atmosphere when the days are getting shorter, each cosy evenings craves at home. For people who appreciate a special, stylish ambience, there is the TK2020 table fireplace now by. An innovative table decoration, which ensures a very special atmosphere with her blazing little flame, and without smoke, soot or noxious odors. The decorative 20 on 20 centimeters large table fire is a cheaper Glasdesignklassiker finest version, made in Germany. The round, quartz sand-filled glass cylinder ensures pleasant atmosphere. The fascination of blazing flames and exquisite design adorns living room, conservatories, or business premises. And when the winter is over, the fireplace is an eye-catcher on any terrace and each balcony.

Like all table fireplaces or fire, the TK2020 not with solid fuels such as coal or wood is operated, but with liquid fuels. The Take fireseller.de 96.5 percent bioethanol, which is spiked with some residual water and thus creates a beautiful yellow flame used for this purpose. The consumption is unbeatable: for two hours fireplace atmosphere you need just 200 milliliters of organic alcohol. This is an incomparably long burning”, Managing Director S. gang, with a litre of bio alcohol certified you can enjoy the flames about 10 hours.” Glass fire is permit-free and completely odour-free for use in the House.

In contrast to the often inferior quality of products from the far East our table fireplaces meet the highest quality standards, and that at a very reasonable price.” Common table fireplace burners are made of stainless steel and thus exhibit a very low heat conductivity. The result: The burner heats up strongly, because he can deliver the heat of combustion, do well at the sand and ethanol starts to cook. Then it may be blowback. Very differently in the fires of glass from fireseller.de. Here be burner off a material used, who owns the triple thermal conductance than stainless steel burners. The burner is shaped so that a shifting of the fireplace no burning liquid spills out and the special combustion opening prevents that sand in the burner can fall. In addition, this ensures a zero emission combustion. The table fireplace made of heat-resistant safety glass is care and maintenance-free. The Dekofeuer is supplied with two kilograms quartz sand, a safety torch, a litre of bio alcohol, a lighter to the safe ignition and a refill funnel. Of course are the fireplace needs such as. enclosed z.B granite stones. By the way: Bio is no empty phrase but a setting at fireseller.de. “Sven Gang: our products are free of toxins, are sent in a biodegradable packaging of security and of fuel bioethanol is obtained from renewable resources.” GMC Manuel Maus


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