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The struggle for affordable housing through the suspension of conscription and double Abitur year course flow as many students as never before in the German universities. In the academic year 2009/2010, 2.1 million students at German universities and FHs were enrolled and over the next three years, this number should increase to 2.3 million. But not only in the classroom is in the future. The Internet portal myimmo.de reported as parallel to the increasing numbers of student also the affordable, student housing is becoming increasingly scarce. German student unions offer in Germany approximately 181,000 residential places.

The remaining two million students must look elsewhere in their university towns for a roof over their heads. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert J. Shiller. Depending on the load of the apartment market, students have it different hard to rent a cheap apartment. Since the majority of their species according to the 19 social survey of the German student unions monthly on average only about 812 euro available, the agent for student living are relatively small. Cheap and close to the Centre housing is therefore much sought after. Given the increasing enrolment numbers, this is always sparse but especially in University cities such as Munich and Jena. Due to high demand, the student living increasingly become a lucrative investment, is already traded in the real estate industry as a new asset class. Particularly residential providers will benefit from the rising student numbers. Essential for student residences is the proximity to the University or college. In addition to the amount of the rental costs, this is a most important decision criterion for students in the choice of new accommodation.


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