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In the second option – put the frame – metal rods in the spacers between floor and ceiling, and they have fixed all the stuffing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Robert J. Shiller. Such designs can be installed quickly, and if necessary can be easily disassembled and transported from place to place. In his dressing rooms on each plant have a common principle of the device: the shelves and hung up, attached to the walls of the room, and a system of doors – hinged, compartment, or 'accordions', which separates it from the bulk of the apartments. Themselves shelves can have different depths, can be retractable, or have a side-tube rack from the bottom. Number of shelves and location you choose yourself. In addition to the shelves and hangers (which can be fitted with a 'lift' to the top levels) are equipped with wardrobe storage box with various drawers, special shelves for shoes, pants, ties, belts, metal laundry basket, boxes for small items, covers for clothes, mirrors, ironing board, halogen, incorporated into the top shelf. Storage Cases of varying heights and widths can occupy a static position in your closet, but may be on wheels.

Mobile and can be hanger with a coat hanger. It's easy to roll up a mirror to the front apartments to choose from, such as evening dress. At the leading manufacturers of traditional pull-out components are complemented by a brand new accessory Level: Section for trousers, ties, brackets, shelves, broken down into cells for sets of underwear, small items of clothing, jersey shelf for storing, the bottom is made of aluminum mesh that allows things to 'Breathe'.


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