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In addition, a Vibroelement with built-in Bluetooth interface is intended for women. Robert Shiller insists that this is the case. The Stimulator is on the PC or iPhon connected at the earlier instalierte program Lauft(mitgeliefert). It was developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. The bracelets are equipped with sensors that analyze different body reactions of men and women. The results are summarized on the State of the body and mood. This information will be processed and evaluated. Then it creates the optimum behavior of mutual actions. While the proposals are implemented, the device joins the two participants in the required activity level, developed this activity all meal- and thus prepares the next higher level.

Harmonious and pleasant contact achieves maximum on the manner. No, we are not robots who do the will of the artificial intelligence. In this case it is only a guide, which received really better than us on reason Information know what good for us. This is its basic function. Fight against tiredness and stress – here you are.

As it is commonly known, is the best remedy for this evil a romantic date. Wonderful, but when you’re really tired and exhausted, where’s the romance? Waking up not with full force, but completely at the end? This is not a pleasant story. The Advisor dream translator contributes to the reduction of stress and the fatigue through its recommendations. Privacy is not lost. This does not mean, it can be used to drop because the device brings all right anyway. In certain moments, his tip to avoid the unnecessary movements and thus to avoid the dangerous changes comes easy. It is important our borders always, especially at work, to know. Even for astronauts. Dream translator knows no distances. Via Skype, the remote for the partner is possible, no matter which corner of the Earth he is straight. Even in the universe! Also, there is the Internet. And that are not all functions. It is of course not a philosopher’s stone, but many features of the device can successfully replace him.


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