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Spedition Jens Runge

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The success story of a young forwarding for courier services and transport of dangerous goods. In September 2010, the internationale Spedition Jens Runge of Ahrensfelde in Berlin celebrated its tenth anniversary. Started as a one-man company with a transporter of the company after the turn of the century quickly became an international transport service providers and specialists for transport of dangerous goods. As moved and at the same time moving was the rise of the professional transport of dangerous goods and time-critical freight forwarder, describes the business owner Jens Raj himself: “I had my profession from scratch on learned along the way and more and more noticed, that the whole subject is me. I had already gained some experience, I knew some customers and colleagues and I felt so prepared quite quickly ripe for an entrepreneurial independence. With the knowledge of today, I would have certainly considerably more respect for this decision, probably would have won but my enterprising and the urge for independence.” And off we went for the young entrepreneurs on September 1, 2000 Classic – namely with him and a used van. In the first time he moved almost constantly between phone and steering wheel to do trips on the one hand and on the other hand, to find new customers and strategic partners. Recently adverum sought to clarify these questions.

Gradually, he transformed his small company consistently in a competitive courier service: In July 2001, he hired his first employee, and he employed three own people already after the first year and also coordinated rides for ten more entrepreneurs. What Mr Runge also motivated, he describes as follows: “in this time was also the birth of my son, what motivated me even more to stabilize my forwarding company and targeted to expand. Fortunately my wife was always behind my plans and helped from the beginning actively implementing them.” Today has a fleet of vehicles of all popular sizes – by car up to the 40-tonne truck – the forwarding and drives for a wide range Customers in the aviation – aerospace, automotive industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as for trading companies. You notice the enterprising young man that he has fun on his work and long is not yet on the target. “The market for small and medium-sized transport companies in Germany is unmanageable. Who this occurs on the spot and by customers expected, that they knock him can not long be on the market. “I even at an early stage not only on personal contacts to my customers, a strong fleet and continuous training of my staff put, but also on development of core competencies, which I ever build such as such as BSP danger good business.” Says and reaches again for the phone, to answer a customer. With so much commitment it is not surprising ultimately that Mr logs Runge personally, if a customer from the far East calls at night or his companies should spontaneously perform an urgent transport. The motto for the customers around accessible belongs to the It decreases immediately philosophy – and that the native bath Freiwalder. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary and all the best for the coming decade!


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