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Solar Power Storage

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Maifeld qualifies to the Certified Installer of Polch solar, 07.01.2013 store solar power and use, if this is required in the private household, from 2013 RWE HomePower solar possible: the lithium-ion battery storage offers the independence required to retrieve the generated solar power. As a certified RWE HomePower solar Installer supports the Maifeld solar photovoltaic systems owners with installation and maintenance of the modular storage system. Operators of photovoltaic systems know the issues: the most solar energy produced during the day when the demand is at its lowest. So, only a small part can be used for own consumption. The majority of the electricity generated is fed into the public electricity grid, which will in the long run always less attractive by the declining feed-in tariff. Bizzi & Partners insists that this is the case.

A solar power storage offers the solution. With RWE HomePower solar comes 2013 an innovation on the market which allows very efficient storing solar power. Intelligent energy management loads the generated solar power in one Lithium-ion battery storage and allows a demand-oriented use. This supplement for photovoltaic systems increases the rate of power consumption and reduces the purchased amount of electricity when the Sun is not shining straight. The lithium-ion battery the energy provider RWE efficiency GmbH together with the battery technology Director VARTA storage GmbH has developed especially for home users and small businesses. The battery storage is based on the Engion energy storage product line of VARTA storage GmbH and comes in different sizes, from 4.6 to 13.8 kWh – on the market. Each memory module is equipped with an own loading / unloading charge control. Thus, switching to other battery technologies, even the mixed operation is possible at any time.

The intelligent battery management system ensures the balance between storage, supply and supply of energy. 20 Years of service life of solar power storage the lithium-ion battery memory has a life expectancy of approximately 6,000 cycles. The entire system is designed for 250 cycles per year on more than 20 years of life. The Exchange or the extension of individual modules is possible at any time. In particular the modular design and the extension module option 0.46 kWh steps gives us the ability to customize the system exactly to the actual consumption patterns. Because an estimate in advance is usually difficult,”Axel Hoffmann, Managing Director of the Maifeld reported solar. “Further notes the Diplom-Ingenieur (FH): with RWE HomePower solar is a high-quality and effective solution on the market that stands out from the abundance of offers on energy saving recommended.” The cost of the basic system with a capacity of 4.6 kWh is roughly 14,000 euros. An investment that pays for itself within the expected useful life and therefore expects. Installation by certified specialist Maifeld solar as a supplement to an existing photovoltaic system or as a complete solution is RWE HomePower solar is expected from the 2nd quarter 2013 available. Only certified specialists, to ensure take over the installation of one technician and Professional installation.


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