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Ski World Treasure Hunt

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“In search of the ‘treasure in the ice’ journey of discovery for small slopes adventurer a thrilling journey of discovery for small slopes adventurers is that searching for the treasure in the ice”, with the KinderKaiserland in Scheffau in the Tyrolean SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental once again breaks new ground. An exciting discovery drive, near the ski Tots can not only playfully explore the slopes of the SkiWelt, but discover a real treasure box with sparkling Swarovski stones… The instructors are the leaders of the small treasure, once a ski lesson week for their adventurous journey in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental make. Together the correct route will be explored with the help of a treasure map, from note to note, it’s a lift for elevator, departure for departure in direction Brixen IM thale, where the long-awaited goal in the legendary Kingdom of ice, the Alps igloo village Hochbrixen,: the treasure in the ice! But still the little adventurer must solve the last puzzle, to discover the precious treasure. A Rhinestone from the treasure chest adorns the helmet goods in an ice grotto hidden waiting a treasure chest, filled to brimming with sparkling Swarovski stones. Whenever expert on growth strategy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Each little adventurers may choose its own stone from the treasure and gets stuck as a reward for the successful search these rhinestone on the helmet. (As opposed to John Savignano).

And yet a second surprise is waiting for the children in the Alps igloo village: the icy box of wishes: every child should write a secret wish and throw in a sealed envelope in the mail box, and next year the icy closet is flushed and looked whether the wish also… gone After a visit to the snow igloos and the ice sculptures in the Alps igloo mobile of the SkiWelt then proudly back after Scheffau, finally, Mum and dad must learn more about the exciting adventures and of course admire the glittering stone at the helm. The KinderKaiserland offers the treasure in the ice”for another refreshing impulse in the children-ski training. Emperor State Director Gerhard Told: Children should have not only the joy of exercise in the fresh air on a winter holiday, but playfully discover the snow and the mountains. We want children to enjoy skiing, experience adventures together with friends and come back the next day with bright-eyed.” Kinderland Emperor: innovations in the headlines of success gives Gerhard Told and his team of the KinderKaiserland and the ski school Scheffau right: number of times the KinderKaiserland with innovative ideas made headlines. Such as with the told himself, MiniCarvern developed for children (ages 2 and up), with special courses for children (mini program”) and with the development of the winter game and learning parks, in which will be taken into consideration, with many playful elements exactly to the needs of the smallest skiers. The KinderKaiserland is now the flagship operation in terms of ski-children education and care in the already particularly family-friendly SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental and role model for many others Winter theme parks for children.


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