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Increased functionality of mixing consoles. Appeared analog consoles with automation and a fully digital mixing consoles, as well as multifunction digital processors. Appeared computer interface and remote control devices. Delivery systems, signal "mastered" digital technology, which ensured through digital path from source to the amplifier. In connection with the that there were a few audio transmission standards, which differ as a type of communication line (coaxial cable, Category 5) and the transport protocol.

Adapting technology to build computer networks needs of the transmission of continuous streams of audio data now allows you to create complex audiokompleksa in which flexibility is ensured by the possibility of different devices to interact with each other using general system of data transmission. Principles of building construction sound system sound system must take into account the operating conditions of such a system. Mobile public address facilities are constructed in a somewhat different way, rather than landlines. This is due to the modular principle of construction of mobile systems, when economically feasible to have a large number of similar elements. Stationary can be of great number of different elements of the system, but of sound equipment does not change from presentation to representation, and changing the system architecture is provided in the main processor configuration management speakers and a change in the configuration console. Mobile complex must have a flexible architecture to make it possible to change the equipment on a daily basis depending on the concert stage and set problem. Due to intensive use, portability, reliability and maintainability are the defining characteristics of the creation of such complexes. These requirements explain the popularity of the 19-inch format appliances, an abundance of expensive connectors, size large equipment that are multiples of the width and height of the van, and the availability of wheels and trucks to move equipment on the concert platform.

Equipment designed to work on small sites, is performed so that the two technicians could carry out loading and unloading operations. Large mobile sound systems for tours designed for the use of the forklift, even inside the aircraft. The composition of sound system signal chain sound system consists of the following links: Signal Sources; Stage box; Multicore, Splitter, Mixer, Processor Management Speakers, Multicore, Amplifiers, Speakers sistemyEto generalized circuit of the signal, and in each case, the equipment may vary. The architecture of input lines cost input channel of the modern concert analog mixing console in the range from five hundred to two thousand dollars, the number of input cells is chosen not less than the number of sources. Cable system is based on the principle of flexible connecting the required number of instruments in the correct position on the scene, and therefore made on the basis of standard small-capacity Multi called mi (subsnake) and representing, for example, 12-pair cable with Multicore box at one end and multirazemom on the other. Due to incomplete download each capacity of multicore can be twice the number of input cell panel. Having a set of sabsneykov required length, you can always connect a variety of sources, without creating chaos wires on the stage. Further, by using patch panels, working channels each switched to input lines corresponding to the input cell mixer. Thus, there is an opportunity to submit any signal source to the desired channel mixing console, using standard and interchangeable elements cable system.


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