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Setting Goals

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A new year and with it new resolutions, new goals and objectives, which we hope to fulfill. On several occasions people pretending we were excited to accomplish many things at once, this is a mistake, because as the saying goes: "The much grasps at too." The most important thing is not the amount of goals to achieve, but the quality of them. If you really want engaged to their success and achieve their goals and objectives, take the time to analyze and implement the following key. If I assure you that no goal in life, will remain unfulfilled. Read additional details here: Robert J. Shiller. * Your goal should be specific: The overall goals are rarely achieved, you should know exactly where it is headed. Suppose that your goal for this new year is "starting to study," that's a good plan, but it is far from being a goal to be truly a goal, should be something like this: "The second half of 2010 start Public Accounts to study. " This is something concrete.

The importance of being specific, is that in this way is much easier to create strategies to achieve our goal. The action plan for this particular case might be: Find out when the registration starts, what are the requirements to have the documentation on time, prepare for the entrance examination, for the latter, set a daily study schedule. So, you know where you're headed. * Your goal should be measurable: For an objective is met, measure and evaluate progress. Say something like "I want to increase my income" is not measurable, but if you say, "I want to increase my income $ 50 per month," it is.


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