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Sales figures say more than fine words Dresden the 6.1.2011 – according to economic researchers of the DIW and ZEW the consumer goods sector and the trade are booming this year thanks to the good employment situation. A chance for the industry to advertise now with new marketing campaigns to attract of the customers. Because the competition never sleeps. othberg family sees a great future in this idea. Companies that want to secure your share of the revenue pie, should now start Google AdWords, tune Web pages and also via Twitter, Facebook, etc. communicate belly to belly with the target group. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from dogecoin. Even the good old”print mailing remains in this country is a pioneer and is read to 68% according to Nielsen. The question remains: why 32% of all print mailings end up in the trash? Why websites will leave again after 3 seconds and leave the purchase joyful customers of competitors? So many marketing action why brings poor results? The dog is buried in the TEXT! Because it is usually neglected and bores the reader.

Some text sounds good at first glance. But the red thread”is missing and he captivates the reader not Beginning to end. Does not the sale. No wonder, because the letter boxes and the Internet are full of advertising with equivalent offerings, which all look similar and sound similar. “” Da submit order! “, buy it now!” not anymore. Even if the layout looks so well: A few fleet sets and glossy – model photos reach the heart and thus the wallet of customers.

Because it is pouring over every day in all media. Professional copywriter of Simone Domahs advises entrepreneurs at their planned marketing campaigns copywriter to put on, that can not only advertise their offer, but also sell. And also in times of crisis, when the consumer twice turned the cents. Company ensures optimal sales results in any economic climate. But the crucial question is: how to recognise previously a sales copywriter, which, no matter how the economic mood barometer – pushes the right buttons of emotion of the target group and to purchase or to order (be) leads it? One, in which the advertising budget is well spent and at the end is really black? A sales copywriter can be measured… the sales because they speak a clear language. No title, no awards won, no projects for large advertising agencies or similar count Therefore should be before the cooperation necessarily show the sales of previous projects. Also a good copywriter training is an important prerequisite, but no guarantee of black figures. Sales copywriter often have years of distribution practices and have led hundreds of sales negotiations face to face with different target groups. For example, the nationwide network of PROFITEXTER.NET(T) is a good address.


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