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The story is not better nor worse than the novel, but something different. Uttered this truism, I must explain why it attracts me this brief gender, as a gust of wind, that know little to those who like those literary windstorms that are the novels. The first advantage is, at the pace that it forces its brevity, one knows immediately if you like the story or not. In the novel, on the other hand, one must go into she to calibrate if its reading effort, worth or not if you can find within the just reward of intellectual and aesthetic satisfaction. This is not a minor determinant in times that run: with so many topics that claim our attention and so little time to devote to each one of them, the frustration of being enfangado in a bad novel is not recommended. If, by contrast, that happens with a tale, it nothing happens, because we just spent a few minutes before leaving it. They already see that I do not intend to make here a theoretical, epistemological nor linguistic justification what else would I do that to do so!, but it is a practical consideration and, ultimately, nothing banal.

The other reason why one is prevented before certain novels is the aforementioned are not such that consist of minor arguments that move in a spiral until reaching a minimum extent justifying their publication as a unique and differentiated work. In the background, aren’t more stories elongated artificially and that, for the same reason, they have lost the Cadence of the short story without approaching nowhere near the narrative depth which requires a novel as God commanded, saying our elders. That is why, also, by its forced brevity the story accurate and up requires a technique of narrative jog of surprise in its outcome, to leave a pleasant taste in the reader. If the novel is like a river on which sources and several tributaries converge and that will widen and winning flow to its mouth, the story, in turn, is like a tap water, which flows sharply and with the same bluntness just. The novel calls for depth, complexity and know fit parts and different materials that ultimately form a harmonious whole. Instead, the story does not allow similar digressions, but it urges him to take a direct path to the outcome. If this is obvious, if it is foreseeable, history does not usually offer no interest then neither goes far beyond being able to appreciate as a more or less irrelevant anecdote original author and source of the article.


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