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See Things Negative Implies

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Many years ago I remember that I called a friend to greet him, because he was in a process of change and to some extent I I had become her coach, then began to make me the following assertions: the majority of people is negative, no one seeks for something good, people are selfish etc. I answered then, others are not the problem, the problem is yourself, if you observe that world is because internally it believes in him, I really do not believe in that world, but in the past Yes observe it, but once I decided to seriously change the environment then also did so. This anecdote that I just mentioned is fundamental to understand our own internal perception of the world, the majority of times we complain of external conditions in our work, family, neighborhood, etc. But don’t realize that this is a reflection of what we are, if that happens most likely is that we must come to the conclusion that needs to be changed. Everything you experience is a condition of his being, his friends, how people treat it and see, the opinion of your family, your business, etc. Remember that your belief system is installed inside emits a signal or frequency and is at a certain level, then people respond to that broadcast, think that you are interested in Arai quantum at deep levels, it would be illogical to think to share most of the time with boxers, normal and proper is you relate it with other physicists to fulfil its objective and that’s what normally happens because when We have an internal expectation the universe is organized to make it comply. Friendships and situations that come into our lives have to do with conscious decisions to some extent, but unconsciously the force is much more powerful, this is a good indicator to evaluate our current life, let us reflect on what currently is coming to our life, it is necessary to make a comparison, analyze the positive and negative, if the negative is to prevail, we need a change or It is also possible that you feel some level of balance but we want best thing and that is excellent.


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