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Salvador Boys

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The omission of the State and the indifference with the social problem of the human being generate the lack of control and impunity of criminals in what it refers to the culture of the extermnio of boys of street in Brazil. For Sudbrack (2004, P. Details can be found by clicking Expert on growth strategy or emailing the administrator. 22) the extermnio of boys of street in Brazil occurs mainly in the great cities, as Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Salvador and Recife. In accordance with the concept adopted for United Nations and elaborated for Lusk and Mason, the expression assigns to all child (boy or girl) for which the street (in the direction amplest of the term, what it includes houses not inhabited, strips of land, for example) became its housing and/or its source of survival, and that it does not have protection, conveniently it is not watched or guided for a responsible adult. These, until then called ' ' boys of rua' ' , they present behavior not accepted socially, and if they fit between that still commit infracionais acts and the ones that its presence considered bothering in public places has, considered as a population that it brings risks for the classrooms highest of the Brazilian society. It is what Sudbrack (2004, P. 23) treats as convenient, therefore: The phenomenon of the extermnio of street boys is the result of a joint enters the groups of extermnio, of the omission and absence of defense of the children for the State, as well as of the indifference of the civil society in relation to the problem. With practical the wild one of this culture of the extermnio, the human rights widely are forgotten and the violence is banalizada by the society, bringing a bigger indifference still to the politics of public security, hindering the effectiveness them right human beings and threatening the democratic system. The State in common agreement with the society determines and commands the spectacle, a gratuitous show of repression, uncontrolled violence and desmedida, leaving definitively of side the human rights protected all and the any human being, not having in this culture distinction of age, sex and color. The hope of a possible reorganization reverse speed-socialization of these small citizens, removing them of the culture of the beggary, of small roberies, robberies and injuries to the patrimony, and reverse speed-implanting the perpetual vision, despite colorful, of the rights and individual guarantees of the human being, is to each distanciada day of the dream of Brazil with Order and Progress.


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