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– What sdes Origin of Boom! – What is it? – I told you once, the house did not go – I'll change! "Clearly. While we were talking with Naruto, she informed us about it and Naruto heard only that she called to us "- he thought Sai. – Sweeping! Quick! – Sakura vypnula both and shut the door behind him. – Okay, okay, we'll wait on the street! – Naruto said and took Saya on the street – Have you ever seen? – What do you mean? – Okay, like, passed! – Yeah, let's go to the garden? – Asked Sai. – Come on. Sai and Naruto went to crawl into the garden. In the garden stood a large tree with pink leaves, a few beds of flowers, bushes with berries, and lots of weeds. – Wow, that's that tree? – Not knowing who asked Naruto.

– I do not know – said Sai. – It's cherry – said going up to them Sakura. – Cherry? You called the tree its name? – Puzzled, asked Naruto. – Idiot! This tree is so called! Yes, we have similar names! This problem has been my mom. I even think that she did so named only because of this tree, and I think that I am part of this tree. "So, if Sakura part of the tree so she logs? And no, it's too rough! Maybe board? Yes and I will call her – thinks Sai – Uh Bulletin – Sai said, staring into the eyes of Sakura.

– That you give me? – As calmly as possible asked Sakura. – Well, I just made the findings – What are you conclusions made? – Sakura tries to get his feet, as Naruto held her. – Say, run! I will not keep it long! When Sakura struggled, her hands raised above Naruto and release. When the palm of your hand moved to her chest, Sakura suddenly stopped struggling. – Well, Naruto? I board? Naruto looked at What are his hands and all understood: – No, of course! Look what you have firm breasts! – For the credibility of Naruto began to compress the chest Sakura. – Naruto! Boom! Boom! Boom! – Kicks rained down on both guys. – What shall we do? Blame? – Asked still continuing to raise unit, Naruto y Sai. – No, my briefcase was left on the porch – said Sai. – Well as you know! I cur! – Naruto struggled pulled over fences, and other problem to Konoha. – Naruto! Wait for me! – Sai spit on portfolio, ran after him. – Well, you fall for me again! – Sakura shouted after them, – a pancake, now a weed chtoli? More bags and a back haul? Oh, no! Guys! Wait! I forgive you, but do not run away!


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