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Rigid Walls

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Thus, the higher the thermal resistance, the higher the insulating value of the material. Among all kinds Most insulation thermal resistance (at the same thickness) have a plate extruded polystyrene xps. For example, to meet the demands of energy conservation in Moscow and Moscow region thickness xps heat insulation of the plates for a brick building does not exceed 80 mm. Type teploizolyatsiiSposob ukladkiGde ispolzuetsyDostoinstva boards or mats Glass fiber; Mineral wool. Fit between the posts, beams, stropilamiNeotdelannye ceilings, walls and laying polyProstota applied at a standard step of the rafters (purlins) and free access to the site of insulation Rigid insulation Extruded polystyrene; Expanded polystyrene (foam); Polyurethane Foam. Applications in the interior: you want to cover (for example, two layers of drywall).

External application: want to cover that protects against weathering walls of underground facilities. Exterior walls under finishing. Unventilated flat roof is very high insulating properties at a relatively small thickness. Can block the cold bridges, when installed continuously over sheathing or rafters reflective insulation Kraft paper laminated with foil or metallized film; polyethylene foam; foil, plastic film. Are mounted on wooden stand, beams stropilamiNeotdelannye ceilings, walls and polyProstota styling. Foam plastic products are used in cases of difficult access, or irregular spacing between the rafters. Effectiveness depends on the distance between the rafters or beams and the direction of heat flux plates of extruded polystyrene xps – rigid insulation, which can be used in almost any part of your home, from roof to basement.


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