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Performance: Vitamins and plant extracts as support for body and soul the most energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and many manufacturers rely only on the effect of caffeine. Performance-enhancing dietary supplements herbal, natural-based can however donate energy as well as sustainably support the health. Ginseng, the medicinal plant with versatile effect ginseng, a popular medicinal herb can including immune, promote the stress response and lead to an extension of the veins, which can improve the blood circulation of the brain and increase the intake of oxygen. Mate, stimulates body and spirit essences from the leaves of the mate tree can stimulating effect on the nerves and muscles, and increase mental alertness. In contrast to conventional caffeine, mate, can support a peaceful and restful sleep without causing nervousness. Rhodiola, a traditional remedy is a well-known traditional remedies Rhodiola known, that he the thinking and Learning can enhance and promote resistance to stress.

He can also improve mental performance as well as memory. Guarana, stimulating substance like coffee contains caffeine also Guarana. Otherwise as for coffee, the stimulating substance is released but only after which the effect can last up to six hours. Guarana can alleviate so physical and mental fatigue and support concentrated intellectual work over a longer period of time. Another positive effect of Guarana is that it can help against headaches.


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