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Perhaps a certain amount of the budget, will be spent on travel, but the time spent on travel will double. The highest rental rates in the October, Samara and Leninsky districts. However, if you certainly need housing in these areas, and means you are very limited, it is possible to rent an apartment or a room in the old stock at a very low price. However, here we must be prepared in many older homes do not have hot water bath very non-presentable entrances, and the very visible interior of these houses is poor. If your place of work or school on the outskirts of Samara, then, of course, rent somewhere close to you all respects the most favorable variants (save on rent, save money on travel, save time on the road) 4.

Remove unfurnished apartment unfurnished apartments are always furnished cheaper. You can: – negotiate with owners to purchase furniture in the rent. This option is especially beneficial if you are looking for an apartment for a long time. – To bring the furniture from your parents or relatives. – Buy a used furniture through the “Hand in Hand.” – Buy components for furniture in hypermarkets and collect it themselves. 5. Bargain with the landlord and the realtor. The rental market residential real estate are the same mechanisms as in other species markets. So the bargain deal “sacred.” If the announcement indicates that bargaining is appropriate, start to bargain directly over the phone. Some landlords are counting on the fact that if you have already arrived to watch the apartment, you will be sorry you wasted time and agree on a symbolic concession to 300-500 rubles.


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