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Note that this "work" consisted only of the investor in finding a competent realtor and money. All other actions served a growing market. Realtors Seeing crazy growth of speculative money for clients, also could not resist the temptation of easy money. They are harnessed into the game without rules, winding its delta on the cost of selling their sites – in fact, earning on nothing and forgetting of its direct liabilities to customers. Thus, the reputation of Realtors has been severely marred, and the confidence of the customers lost. Any buyer, considering the option of selling the object, he knew that the statement Price includes planted a realtor and hidden from the sellers realtor delta. Excessive amounts of money entering the property market from other markets, inflated prices, like yeast dough.

Agent new generation What is happening today, "blowing the market" will destroy the interest of speculators and suspend unjustified price increases. Number of investors Visitor enjoy speculative cream, reduced, but the need for real estate as a residence and facility use, not decrease. By reducing the cost by 2020 60% of the population of Russia will be able to buy their own homes, says the head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing Sergei Kruglik. At the moment tolko17% of Russians own their own housing. Hence, the need for real estate, as well as in services in its market, and there continue in the future. However, the current situation poses realtors new challenges. How to become a client's needs? How to restore the trust that was lost along with the "Air" gains and wound deltas? The answer is simple: to create and implement a new model of the agent, with a new approach and new services that meet the current needs of the market. And, as you can not build a house on a foundation with a crack, so it is impossible to create a model using the old ways of thinking and yourself approaches. For this reason, those who will continue to chase after "easy money", not wanting to radically change their views, will be forced to withdraw from the market, giving way to a new generation of realtors. Thus, the pr move quickly, leaving the last speculative approach, the more effective their work today.


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