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The trick is that "black" realtors offering to buy an apartment at a very low price, but the money you'll have to give away almost immediately, without waiting for the paperwork. Sometimes the fraudsters are limited by the fact that disappear with the advance. In general, the fraudster may be brought to you in any role of refined intellectual, to alcoholics and drug addicts. These heroes are ostensibly nothing understood in the concluded transaction. Communicating with facial features, people easily lose vigilance. A sure sign that you have fallen for such a ploy – a desire to complete the transaction quickly, and the opponent does not pay anything extra. Speculators are able to lay it on thick, and even be familiar terms to depict passionate love.

The calculation of their simple, like all brilliant: you will not stick to the good man (and he does for you is almost native) with nitpicking and all the more scans. The recommendation here one – keep your distance, do not go on "you" and do not drink brotherhood. As well working method of "Feel the rich." When a person sees before him a large sum of cash money, he literally turned off the brake. And then a matter of technology: if you want to have this pack in my pocket – do as I suggest. So one crook-rieltersha retain their customers deposit a thousand dollars in return give her the originals of passports and documents to housing. Next it was lime letter of attorney to sell the apartment, went with the documents in the housing office and successfully subscribed to the owners, and "vacated" the apartment they sold for low prices.


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