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Real estate agency – Universal Service 'Universal Service' working with experienced lawyers and notaries, reliable insurance companies and banks. Its customers, we guarantee the purity of the sale Real Estate, its security and anonymity. Turning to our agency, you can pick up a version of the housing and if necessary, arrange a loan for its purchase, and get expert advice. General Services Agency of Property: Buying, selling and renting real estate. Over 5,000 variants of apartments for sale and more than 100 variants of apartments for rent in Zaporizhzhya. Houses, cottages, villas, land plots in Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye region. Exclusive photo catalog with many different pictures of the property.

Offices, premises for shops, bars and cafes in different parts of the city of Zaporozhye. Free legal advice. Full legal registration of the transaction. Services of an interpreter when you make transactions with foreign customers. Expert appraisal of the property. Authentication of identity documents of citizens by Main Department of Internal Affairs.

Conclusion of exclusive contracts with vendors. All forms raschetov.NEZhILOY FUND Zaporozhye commodity exchange "Universal-97" real estate "wagon – Service" offers Sales, rental of commercial property: STORES (retail spaces, lounges, billiard, hairdresser) CAFE (snack bars, canteens, catering, restaurants, bars, saunas, hotels, recreation centers) Offices (offices, apartments, rooms) STORAGE (hangars, shelters, garages, basements) PREMISES UNDER PRODUCTION (food, clothing, carpentry, welding, construction, repair, service stations, car washes, tire, etc.) Non-residential premises are located in Zaporozhye, and are profitable commercial real estate, as in the agency's database has facilities located in the Crimea, Kirillovka, Berdyansk, Primorsk and other conditions of work of the agency include a variety of options, Depending on order: Selection of non-residential property lease options (independent work on the client price list) is a fixed cost – eighty UAH., the term of such contract – three months. Selection Customized options (work with the agent) is 50% of the monthly rent, one-time, depending on the value of the property, this service includes a complete inspection of documents of non-residential premises as well as verification of utility debts. Selection of options to purchase real estate (handling agent) 3% of the real value of the property and also includes full training, checking of documents. Database agency has for 2007 objects 5836 non-residential property in the city of Zaporozhye, which is updated daily. In the database there is the following list of facilities rental of residential, nonresidential Apartments (1.2 floors, plinths) Sale of residential, nonresidential Apartment (1st floor, pedestals) Rental of commercial property (podv., n / rootstock., plinths, 1 floors) Sale of non-residential premises (podv., n / rootstock., plinths, 1 floors, freestanding building) rental-purchase, bank kredit.Prihodite to us, and we will find you best choice of real estate. Real Estate in Kiev – Universal Service


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