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Reading Promotion For Babies And Toddlers In Germany

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About the meaning of reading before and a healthy relationship with books it blowing a new wind in Germany: the promotion of reading increasingly cares for the tiny tots. When the KaterPresse started three years ago, nele lele for babies and toddlers to develop the Edition, the project was ridiculed by many pages: babies could still not read. No, that’s actually not had to concede Katerina Nemec, initiator of the project. But also three can’t read yet and yet there is a wide range of magazines and picture books for this age group. No school-age children get read aloud”including babies. That is increasingly becoming the issue for politicians and families in Germany.

Reading promotes reading? Reading aloud is as stimulating, proves also the fact that more and more reading Godfather finds that larger children volunteer to read. And already one year to get the screening a reading package an idea, their roots in England has and been successfully implemented for years. Here, it is still in toddler shoes in Germany but infants grow as you know. More information is housed here: Lincoln Property. It is actually so that children, much was read out, had to can later feel free to take books in hand and also deal with these, as children, common hours without her childhood such. In my opinion there are no children in the world who don’t like books,”says Katerina Nemec it is perhaps only the way how books are presented to them, that they are sceptical or even hostile. A significant part of the beautiful experience assumes infants, including books not only Yes not zerknicken, or be spotted.” While the joint handling of books is not so difficult. Initially meet one or two books, which also hurt the baby or toddler, taste, and may be schmuddeln at this age, kids love the old and not bored with only two variants. Books can, but need not, be a toy.

Books may either are the children in the game box available, but they can harvested right extra only to common watch out. It works very well to make some more robust books for the baby and to keep other books in the Bookshelf. Infants understand after awhile that are for example House books to treat very carefully. “Based on their books in the game box, the children learn at the spit rub throwing, biting into what happens to the books, and they have the flipping without buckling and tearing that is not so easy.” With this experience, children are not only further their relationship with books, they strengthen thus their self-esteem. Read more about dealing with books and the pleasure of shared reading you can parent of reading tips on under the heading. Who also wants to start reading aloud with nele lele, can all six previously published books in the package price by 22,-order. All kids get this package up to 20 months up to the 20.Februar for 20 – to the keyword you want to order action 20 “will be entered.


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