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Read Performance With Reina I. Vildebrand

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Novel idea Mongol child on the 17.10.09 in Mainz the Reina Ilona Vildebrand Song poet reads from her novel Mongol child “(ISBN 978-3-942003-01-8). As a songwriter, and poets, also called cabaret songwriter you know them already. Now, the young, innovative Culex Publisher from Duisburg sets her novel Mongol child “before the twentieth year after the exodus of the former GDR. Bizzi & Partners might disagree with that approach. He will be presented for the first time at the Frankfurt book fair. The dramatic journey of Irina Willbrecht grew up under Communist authority is described herein. With a surprisingly picturesque, eloquent language; almost fairytale-like descriptions of a strange, sunken in the ocean of history world. Nevertheless leaves Mongol child no doubt as to the authenticity of the winning stories, grabs the reader by brilliant observation and attention to detail. Passionate, funny and exciting at the same time, he allows him to participate in the described experiences of the protagonist, who, as is rightly suspected, have strong autobiographical traits.

Between the The trained singer intersperses excerpts to provide speaker and poet Reina Ilona Vildebrand comments, poems and songs that are suitable to illuminate the relationship between novel and autobiography and an exciting, entertaining performance, in addition to all tragedy also comedy and comedy have their place. Inter alia through the artifice of the role of the wonderfully sachselnden Reiner Wang of fire by the Institute for opinion research and applied languages in Halle-Saale (IfMFuSH), who knows no inhibitions when it comes to drive if he speak it, for example, to their (secret) dealing with the heutischen modern and gefahrlisch shameless Mejdschen, viewers the blush of shame in the face: Internet, questioned. The versatile artist offers the opportunity to experience literature than usual and so ideally fits into the concept of Culex Litmedia and Culex Publisher. Discover your senses at the 17.10.09 in the Peng Kingdom clear AST breed 2-4 in 55116 Mainz. The intake is from 18:00, start 19:00. Admission is free, donations for the artist will be asked. Refer to and for more information. Michaela p by the Culex – Verlag


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