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Property Purchase Expenses

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Costs on registration of the sale will be approximately eur 1,000 (of which, notary 500 euros, the state register of private ownership of 300 euros, and services for real estate registration 200 euros). These amounts may be slightly vary. Insurance housing up to 300 euros per year. Life insurance and up to about 300 euros a year (depending on the age of the buyer). Total cost of the apartment with all the expenses will amount to 215.600 euro. 2.

Case of a mortgage loan to the above-mentioned amount is added for extra items. Assume that the bank assessment of housing was 200,000 and the bank issues a credit of 60% of the assessment, ie 120.000 euros. Then the cost would be: Banking rating apartments – up to 300 euros. Fees for opening a credit – 2% of the loan amount (from 120.000 euros) = 2,400 euros (bank charges). Costs of mortgages (the amount of 120.000 euros) will be approximately 3.400 euros (of which, notary fees 600, State register of private property 300 euros, 2,300 euros tax and central bank accounting – services for real estate registration 200 euros). These amounts may vary slightly. To read more click here: Nobel Laureate.

Total cost of the apartment with all expenses amount to 221.700 euros (11-12%) of the cost of housing. To reduce the cost of buying property, by agreement with the seller in the sale contract specifies a bit underestimated price of housing, thereby decreasing the amount of vat. Centralized accounting of the bank, providing services for registration of real estate makes a preliminary calculation of the amounts for all expenditures. All payments are made (the new property owner) at the time of signing transaction. Subsequently, after entering the real estate register and get her originals of all documents, accounts of the bank gives the new owner all the paid invoices. If the actual amount paid will be lower than previously calculated, the monetary difference is returned to the owner. In recent months, financial institutions, mainly banks, greatly multiplied the number of its real estate. According to Central Bank of Spain in 2008, the seven largest banks in the country have a real estate almost 8 billion euros. In this sense, according to the president of Spanish Banking Association (AEB) Miguel Martin financial institutions to become “major real estate agency.” Thus, banks offer very favorable conditions for purchasing real estate, reducing prices by more than 30% Many banks offer special Internet portals, which provide their real property. Our company has cooperated with the big banks – Bancaja, cam, Caja Madrid were among the first creators of specialized units engaged in the sale Real Estate. Our agency is fully responsible for the quality of the service – comfortable transportation, the demonstration sites along the coast, finance, full legal support and after-sales service. We value our impeccable reputation and its customers, each of which have great attention and respect.


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