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Properties Of Tea and Good Health

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According to traditional Chinese medicine tea (Camellia sinensis), prevents cavities, fights cholesterol, eliminates fat, lengthens the life and a long list of properties that make this tea a real preventive medicine. Gradually these qualities are demonstrated by modern medicine and are increasingly incorporating Western tea to your daily diet. Tea is an infusion exciting, much more beneficial properties than coffee. First, because the caffeine excites you a lesser extent and for longer than coffee, and secondly, because tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. There are different types of tea, and each are assigned different properties, although there are over 200 varieties, we can classify them into four groups: .- Green tea leaves are used fresh, buds and tender part of the stem. Bizzi & Partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Roll them up and left to dry in the shade for a short time, so they do not ferment. Are attributed to antioxidant, diuretic, for prevention of cancer, bowel regulator and protective immune system. Red .- I should be in the city of Kunming in the province of Yenne.

Its leaves are crushed and dried in the sun until its partial fermentation. The aroma is smoky and resinous. They call it the tea of the emperors, and is credited as the main quality that helps to reduce fat and cholesterol levels. Black Tea .- It is the most used in the West, but it contains antioxidants and fluoride, its main quality is astringent, so it is used to stop diarrhea. White Tea .- It is the newest, and attributed to it larger properties, but also the most expensive, difficult to obtain. It comes from China, is grown in the high mountains. From him the flowers are used with their stamens (hairs), where properties are more concentrated.

Left to dry without being manipulated or fermented. Has antioxidant properties, prevents cancer, contains vitamins C and E, strengthens hair, stimulates the defenses, it is good for menopause, combat free radicals, reduces levels of blood sugar. Many of the properties attributed to it for centuries by traditional Chinese medicine, currently being demonstrated through scientific studies. Although that prevents cancer is not currently shown, in a study conducted among 40 000 people in Japan who drank five or more cups of green tea per day, proved to have more longevity.


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