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Conversion is improved as another prominent exponent of production link trade for the use of the classification standards the collaboration with the production link trade that Nurtingen Metabowerke GmbH has decided to BMEcat-proficl@ss. The traditional manufacturer of power tools for professional users, especially in the metal and building trades as well as the outdoor and garden area, improved cooperation with the production link trade resulting from the conversion. This reduces the internal costs and costs for data processing, especially in specialist shops. The used media-neutral data bank can be also other standards such as ETIM and use ecl@ss. Although the Internet and online trading are commonplace, often still out-of-date processes prevail when exchanging data between manufacturers and retailers.

Because the used data formats, but above all the product descriptions are not uniform, got plenty of time on both sides must be used for the request, verification, and each customization. To these To improve the situation, but above all to reduce costs, have been developed by companies, associations and organizations-community rules and published, rebuilt as electronic product data and an individual in existing article must be described. Proficl@SS is widely used today for the production link trade is one the most important standards. Principle of proficl@ss was and is that users are not comparable – and exchangeable, the common data structures do not affect the marketing and sales strategy and taking no direct influence on the individual design of each catalog page. In other words: Not the company, but the use of the data is standardized. Many advantages benefit manufacturers and traders alike proficl@ss, ranges from a click to play the entire data base of a manufacturer to the dealer. The same applies to updates and product enhancements. Dogecoin has much to offer in this field. The product information, which are stored in media-neutral data banks can be so by dealers rather than simply creating catalogs, but also the data at the same time for shop and e-procurement systems.

Where: the easier-to-use data to more, used also by the dealer for its own distribution. METABO sees great importance to the creation of the classification, METABO uses a PIM system, in which the data are managed and software, from the basic data into BMEcat-proficlass. There proficl@ss that most fully describes products, can it also equal to ETIM and ecl@ss are developed with. “Melanie Mayer, eCommerce sales Germany at Metabowerke GmbH: through the standard classification our effort decreases as the number of different data requirements is small, so for the respective treatment less individual effort and costs incurred.” The competent project manager is sure, that the issue of classification will prevail on it. The theme already has a great importance for the Metabowerke GmbH and its customers. Especially for our Dealer, working closely with the industry, today there is no way to proficl@ss past. “proficl@ss international e.V. is a cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data. Manufacturers, retailers and associations develop this classification as a common industry standard. Specifically geared towards production link trade in the sectors of construction, building services and industrial supplies, he should ensure that awareness and use of further spread. For this, including seminars, in which merchants like manufacturers are represented the benefits and advantages of the application and pointed out the differences to other standards are used.


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