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To think and to want an inserted school in our time and that it points it stops beyond it is to think and to want a school formadora citizen of pupils capable to live the exercise of the citizenship. Therefore we need to think and to make a school hardwired with the society, conscientious of its challenges, with clarity of the slight knowledge of right, duty, freedom and equality. A school that always rethink the education concept and understands that to educate it is an action abetter of a determined time, but always pointed with respect to its overcoming. The citizenship is fruit of a permanent construction, that if makes from the capacity of the citizen to think the social life collectively taking part of it, forming itself for this, constructing all day. This learning, son of the movement, demands the assimilation of one begins that it is established in the capacity to evaluate, what simplifies to communicate, to dialogue, to establish relations, to search the agreement. In this perspective to evaluate, before being analysis of a prompt question, it is a thus necessary synthesis and to be thought. As totality that accumulates of stocks of the beginning to the end a definitive stage; to evaluate is not a mere analytical task of a moment that asks for previous moments e, wants a ready, immediate reply. To evaluate is a question of the daily one, that one that if every day makes, that the school if it translates the interaction professor/pupil in the individual and collective accompaniment, in the knowledge of the advances and limits. So that in the school and the life it if analyzes and if autoavalie always and if constructs in this way. We believe that evaluating all the moments of the pertaining to school learning, the pupil and the professor will also be learning to evaluate all the moments of its lives in the society, learning to uncover themselves, to exactly think about itself as part of the social body, with this, also learns that the error is part of the life human being and especially of the school, that is learning place.


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