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4. Receive calls and display of real estate – the owner received many calls and it seems that this demand, but 90% of the calls it, or realtors, or brokers, and in fact you only need the scoring calls. On inspection of the realtors come, too, is without customers, a good realtor will come for a visit and offers an exclusive agreement, and show that it provides. Think about whether you need just looking to just go, trample, watch and take away your precious time. 5. Agreement on the advance – it seems the owner of conventional bill, and everything will be fine, but it is one of the important documents on your transaction, and if You need to exchange and consolidate the whole chain and to provide all the details. Are you ready for this? 6.

Lost time on the preparation of documents, because this step can be performed much earlier, and if you know what to do in what order, where go, who to ask for than this, which prove its case. 4. Unsafe transaction – in fact you do not know until the end, how to complete the transaction and how to calculate, whether you will make a contract of sale, whether there typos and errors, because after calculations, if you are called to the FRS should fix everything. The second way is suitable for people who do not feel competent in the promotion of their own property and to the same limited amount of free time.


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