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Rental machines support time-critical bridge reconstructions. Hamburg, September 2, 2013 the A1 interchange Lubeck/Engholm was with support of HKL rental machines refurbished. Exists already since 1970 and was repaired over the years repeatedly in parts that is always just “patched” – have been. But now, the road was so dilapidated that on a complete renovation of the entire junction led more by no way. The comprehensive construction measures served at the same time significantly improve of the overall traffic situation: the road Padelugger road in the area of the junction Engholm and the access ramps to the highway were cleaned up grundhaft, the leading via the A1 bridge was repaired; HVAC construction machines on behalf of were the SAW Schleswig asphalt gravel works in use here.

The roadworks were under high time pressure, because the A1 interchange Lubeck/Engholm is a neuralgic point: going from three industrial areas from here. The responsible construction company needed about high Flexibility in terms of use of construction machinery. All machines should at all times be available, supplemented if necessary to further or exchanged. Only the tightly attached time frame of only five months was so to comply. HVAC as a rental partner was commissioned due to the extensive rental fleet and the guarantee to be able to deliver the desired machines at any time. Numerous rental machines from the HVAC rental fleet were involved from beginning to end on the bridge construction measure – including track, plate compactor, wheel loaders, and rollers. You added your own machine stock of SAW and secured the full availability of all machines. More info: Expert on growth strategy.

Thanks to the good cooperation of the parties, the work could be successfully completed before the plan period. Sven Schmidt, Operations Manager HVAC machinery, says: just in time-critical construction sites is a must at any time machine availability. As a landlord with large rental fleet we can guarantee this nationwide and are a good partner for construction companies.” For decades, HKL accompanied Bridge building and bridges rehabilitation measures of any size. In addition to modern rental machines, which are available at any time in any number of and facilities available, contractors estimate the HVAC expertise staff in the use of machinery.


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