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More and more people every year buy real estate in Northern Cyprus – some takes a vacation home, someone buys a property for permanent residence, someone just invest c to lease or simply profitable revenues in the future. Attractive climate in Northern Cyprus is not inferior, perhaps, no other country on the Mediterranean coast – is more than 300 sunny days a year, clean sea, beautiful environment, the virtual absence of wet dreams. Northern Cyprus was not very built up, although the infrastructure is far enough advanced, he managed to avoid the monstrous concrete buildings, this is not a commercial country with a large number of mills and factories. It is still considered a safe and secure. Will include whether North Cyprus to the eu, to join the Republic of Cyprus, which is already an eu member or will join the eu as a separate state – remains unclear. In any case, the fate of Northern Cyprus will change in the near future. It is said that Northern Cyprus – the island pensioners. Many retirees from the uk are moving to Northern Cyprus, enjoying nature and beauty of the island, as well as using their retirement with greater purchasing power. But it's not quite true. Young families are also moving to Cyprus to live and raise children in a safe environment to enjoy a healthy and useful food, sandy beaches and clear sea. North Cyprus are numerous schools and universities, both local and foreign languages.


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