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New Website For The Online Travel Portal GreenTickets.at

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Now, the search is for the desire flight of easier and clearer GreenTicket.at has its online travel portal overhauled. Now, the site is still less cluttered, more modern and user-friendly than ever before and also shines in a new design. Several 1,000 bases with offerings from over 750 airlines, 100,000 hotels and car rental stations in 125 countries have been revised for this purpose. Especially the navigation and presentation for flight bookings has been significantly improved. Now customers find see the desire flight at a glance, which airlines offer the desired range at what price.

The price difference between direct flights and flights with a stopover is made transparent. In the second step, customers have the possibility of broken down in detail to see the different flight options. “” “” Is also new results according to the price”, departure time one way flight”, departure time flight “, stop” and endurance “to sort. A further refinement of the search is a new control technology possible. The special GreenTickets.at service information such as the eco value “, are still part of the representation. The eco value shows the resulting CO2 emissions for different flight options and gives the user the option to choose the most climate-friendly Variant. General information about GreenTickets, see.

For more information see. Green tickets: GreenTickets is an independent online booking portal and a specialist in affordable rates of all airlines for scheduled flights as well as for low-cost carriers. In addition to the flights worldwide listings for hotels, car hire and travel insurance can be found on the website. GreenTickets.at was launched in Austria in 2007. The online travel portal is a subsidiary of the Dutch leg of travel group. Model for GreenTickets.at is also website associated with the company CheapTickets.nl. It was founded in 2001 and has himself within a very short time to the largest travel portal Netherlands developed.


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