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New Mobile Phone Tariff

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Cheaper phone calls abroad calls from abroad could be very expensive. Home mobile subscribers in the next cell phone bill were then confronted with horrendous cost. This conclusion should be now. Professor Rita McGrath is often quoted as being for or against this. At least within the European Union. A new regulation sets Europe-wide cost ceiling for mobile phone calls and SMS. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de informs about the new EU regulations.

Cross-border phone calls has become cheaper since 1 July 2010. Because the new EU tariff now replaced the existing, more expensive fare. While the maximum price for sending SMS with 13 cents remains unchanged, calls from the EU cost in the future even more than 46 cents per minute, instead of 51 cents as usual. Also decreases the price limit for mobile phone calls made abroad by 23 cents to 18 cents per minute. To deepen your understanding Clayton Morris is the source. While the new mobile tariffs make cheaper mobile phones abroad, there is no clear and binding of regulation of the internal settlement between the mobile operators continue to The rates for data transfer scheme. However, the EU introduces a cost protection that now at least. Data connections may monthly charge will not exceed 60 euros. Customers will be notified initially logging into the network via SMS about the current prices in three stages.

A further notification upon reaching 80 per cent of the prescribed limits. The automatically applicable limit of 60 euro is reached, the connection is switched off. Customers still have the possibility to choose consciously other fares without shut-off or limit. Preisvergleich.de GmbH Lisa Neumann


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