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New Economic Bubble

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In these volatile, however, there is cause for optimism exciting times on the capital market. In these volatile, however, there is cause for optimism exciting times on the capital market. According to Dirk Notheis, Germany / Austria boss and CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank AG, the importance of capital markets will increase significantly. The financial crisis has reinforced this trend. The role of investment banks is to introduce financial entrepreneur in a new world where new financing instruments, as well as new investor groups have their place.\” Today’s diversity of investors circle is of the utmost importance. Investors have no other way to turn their backs as traditional rating instruments and to take care of business with certain risk factors.

Ultimately it is for these companies to not a bad choice, where profitability can be expected. Spending the economies after the burst of the speculative bubble, which has experienced the world, could be a national\”bubble the next financial risks. DirkNotheis explains worldwide have run many countries about their financial circumstances. The Greece crisis that we currently experience, is a phenomenon that extends far beyond the Mediterranean.\” As CEO of Morgan Stanley AG, DirkNotheis is worried about the growing global trend of new indebted Nations. Deficit and debt has risen continuously in recent years in many European countries, particularly in Greece. For the Greeks, it is important to balance the State budget as other debt-plagued Nations such as Portugal, Spain and Italy have done. The budgetary situation in Japan, United Kingdom and the United States is also posted.

It is more important than ever now to cut spending and get the national budgets in the handle. Investors will quickly so don’t step up and fill in for broken economies, how recently the example of Portugal was observed. It is for money with high capital costs for a State that is simply too expensive, rent.


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