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For those who like to successfully and consistently was Naturefood life from wolves and is hard and extremely stressful. Interrupted by long hounded lead weekly hunting success hunger and continuous exercise in convenient case to a 2-3. Depending on the Pack position usually only an inflicts very unbalanced menu remains individual wolves mostly just as much, that he survived. Digestion varies constantly feed removed depending on which between hard (bone) and strong durchfallig (pure meat). There are also unfavorable weather conditions and a strenuous rearing of the young.

You can imagine that this situation not only tolerates a protein ration but requires, as constantly high performance demands on the body and also the most meager food State must cast a permanent muscle loss contrary to. Vegetables and grains before digested only in the form of prey as stomach contents and thus recorded. This is an important aspect. Both! is for wolves, and descendants of the digestive tract in the digested State to really Digest. Even the much-quoted berries and herbs, a Wolf takes to himself, utilized realistically only to a small percentage. The life situation of a wolf is probably hardly any of our dogs to compare. Physically most of our dogs prompted in any way comparable with the Wolf. Even adequate exercise, ‘normal’ training or even work or service usage reach not the extent of the hardships that must withstand a wolf in uncertain circumstances.

The domestication demands their right – and let us not forget – this is also wanted. You should be always pretty good, quiet and well behaved in accordance with the currently applicable dog Ordinance. The highest demands are placed on digestion and coat and lacking most dogs no more, on the contrary, we grapple with obesity, diabetes and allergies, are often attributed to too much food and care. Therefore, the nutritional needs of a dog is really no longer a wolf to compare – even at natural feeding does not.


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