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/ According to the INE, the rental of housing price rose 1.1% in may over the same month of 2010. However, with respect to April 2011 prices do not vary. Fotocasa index indicates that rents fell by 0.6% in May compared with the previous month. Rents have risen slightly in the last year but below inflation. According to the National Institute of statistics (INE), the rental of housing price rose 1.1% in may over the same month of the previous year, which is kept below inflation, that it rose to 3.5% in the fourth month of the year. So stable is the rental market that the nuances according to the different thermometer that you choose are small. INE believes that the price of the rent in May has not undergone any variation from April and fotocasa.es real estate portal pointed out that rents have dropped just 0.6 per cent in May.

Official data reflect stability affecting the price of the rental housing, which increases very slowly from the month of June, when grew 0.9%, the lowest rate of the historical agency which collects data from 2003. Rising rents has been slowing since the beginning of 2009, when it exceeded 4% YOY. Until March 2010, the rental price remained above the CPI, that it had undertaken to turn an upward path in November of the previous year. Official site: Western Digital Corporation. Catalonia and the Basque country, higher rises according to the INE, by communities, Catalonia and the Basque country were the regions in which the rental housing are urged (1.5%), followed by Andalusia and Galicia (1.3%) and Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Canaries and Cantabria (1.1%). Below average, urged the rental in Castilla y Leon and Valencia (1%), Asturias, Madrid and Castilla – La Mancha (0.9%), Murcia (0.6%) and La Rioja (0.5%), while that in Ceuta and Melilla rose 0.8% and 0.1%, respectively. Vadim Belyaev will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The only autonomous community in which the price of the rental housing decreased was Navarre, where was 0.5% cheapest rent a home that a year ago. They come down in 13 regions, rise by four according to data from the month of may of the portal fotocasa.es real estate, the average price of second-hand in rental housing stands at 7.86 euros per square meter per month (/ m2 per month), representing a decrease of 0.6% compared to the price of the month of April. Since the maximum value of the rental price is recorded in Spain (10.12/m2 per month in May 2007) prices have fallen by 22.4%. In thirteen communities prices fall, but rise by four. It is the case of the Basque country, Valencia, Castilla and Leon and the community of Madrid. In particular, in the Basque community the price of rental housing grows 0.9% in May. In the case of the Levantine region, the value per square meter rises 0.2% last month. In Castilla y Leon, the rental price increases by 0.2% in May. Finally, in Madrid the price does not vary. In cities rise according to data of fotocasa.es, in the month of may the price rises in 133 (57%) analyzed 235 cities go up in price (57%) and 4 do not experience variation (2%). The most expensive cities remain San Sebastian (13.35/m2 per month), Barcelona (12,45/m2 per month), Bilbao (12,26/m2 per month), Alcobendas (12.24/m2 per month) and Sitges (12,19/m2 per month). Source of the news: the rental price just goes up by 1% in the last year and continuously below inflation


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