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According to AMORIM (2007), in the year of 2003, the quarter Belvedere III counted on 80% of constructed area and 90% of its busy apartments. The paper of the transformation of the confused effective legislaes, was conditional to a large extent for the interests of the real estate sector that turn the possibility great expansion in a busy area for a population of high income. Vadim Belyaev shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 3.ZONEAMENTO URBAN: HISTORICAL CONTEXTUALIZAO In accordance with the presented picture to follow, is possible to analyze the evolution of the legislation, also the most recent Project of Law n 820, of 2009, already approved for the Chamber of Councilmen of Belo Horizonte, but not yet sancionada for the current mayor of Belo Horizonte, Mrcio Lacerda. In this Project of Law, will have been considered the possibility of use of the instrument of the Onerous Grant of the Right To construct? ODC or of the Transference of the Right To construct? TDC, will have a significant increase in the ZP3, having been able the exploitation coefficient to reach 1,8 times the area of the land, against the 1,5 of the current legislation, and the coefficient of up to 8,0 times and in Zona Especial (ZE), destined regions uses of special relevance in the urban structure, in which the residential use is forbidden, where the exploitation coefficient can arrive the 8 times the area of the land. Description of the Law of Use and Occupation of the Alone Legislation/UrbansticoLei Parameter n 4034/1985Aprovao 05/12/88 Belvedere III Decree n 6690/1990Lei n 7166/1996Lei n 8137/2000Projeto Law n 820/09 2010 ZoneamentoZEUZR2; ZR4; ZR4B; ZC3ZR2; 6 ZC1 and SE1ZP3ZP3ZEZP3ZE ADEXXADE 6 Belvedere IIIADE 6 Belvedere IIIADE Belvedere III Coefficient of aproveitamentoX0,8 4,5 (to see annexes law 4034/85) 0,8 (to see annexes the 4,5 law 4034/85) 1,51,5Sujeito the 8 legislation especfica1,5 1,8Max = the 100%40 Tax of ocupaoX40 the 100%50%50%Sujeito the legislation especficX Tax of permeabilidadeXxX30%30%Sujeito the 7166 legislation especfica30%Anexo VI Source: Lygia Prota (2010); Available city hall of Belo Horizonte in < 4.IMPACTOS AMBIENT AND ITS EVOLUTION Considering the description of the presented occupation front to the non-observance of the current law in the ambient context and of mentioned urban zoning as previously, the decurrent ambient impacts of the occupation of the region of Belvedere III have been contemplated in studies specific and suggested on the basis of the evolution of the disordered occupation. .


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