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Mortgage Applications

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1) Appeal to the Bank for obtaining advice on the current mortgage lending programs. During the initial consultation of a specialist mortgage covers the major conditions for granting mortgage, mortgage stages of the credit transaction, the requirements of the Bank to the subject of collateral (house, purchased by credit), will hold a preliminary calculation of parameters mortgage (Credit limits, the monthly annuity payment, the equity needed to pay for a down payment for the purchased apartment and additional costs related to the mortgage loan transaction). 2) Filling the application form for a mortgage and collect the documents necessary to obtain credit. List of documents required for consideration of Application Form for mortgage 3) Review by the Bank loan application and a decision on lending. 4) Select the apartment, checking the documents of title, appraisal of market value (in that case, the Bank of credits). At this stage, the client searches for an apartment that meets his needs and requirements of the Bank.

The Bank may advise the client contact on the flats in the real estate companies, partners of the bank in the mortgage lending program. After a positive test result documents in the apartment by the Bank and the insurance company, the customer is evaluating the market value of apartments in one of the appraisers recommended by the Bank. 5) Personal and property insurance. Client at its own expense until the conclusion of contracts on mortgage credit transaction must maintain insurance: – loss of life and disability – apartments from damage and injury – loss of property rights for the purchased apartment – the insurance companies recommended by the Bank. 6) Carrying out a mortgage loan transaction.

The signing of the loan contract. Signing the agreement of joint deposit box rental. Settlement of mortgage credit transaction. Signature and notarization of the contract purchase of an apartment due to credit funds. Signing of Mortgage State registration of mortgage loan transaction. The Bank provides for the possibility of settlement of the mortgage transaction as a non-cash, by transferring funds from an account the buyer (borrower) to the seller, and in the form of cash deposit with the cell. 7) Repayment of the loan. Repayment of a mortgage loan by the borrower in equal monthly (annuity) payments. In the case of early partial repayment of the loan amount is reviewed annuity payment downward.


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